Do you hear what I’m saying?

Karen O’Brien takes oath to serve on City Council.

Not many people know that I was an interim Tulsa City Councilor. I was not elected, nor will I ever run for a political office. However because I have been an active volunteer on many committees for the benefit of Tulsa citizens, the Chair of the Council contacted me. They needed someone to help that government body conduct necessary business for the City because Councilor Patrick had passed away, and another District Councilor had resigned.

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Tulsa Teacher discovers calculus flaw

Jonathan Bartlett

Sometimes new discoveries just require asking the right questions. Jonathan Bartlett, a software developer for software development firm ITX, spends his free time teaching at homeschool student co-op programs. Recently, Bartlett discovered a flaw in calculus while trying to find the best way to describe one of the concepts to his students.

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President Trump keeps his promises

When candidate Trump began his race for president in the Iowa caucuses, I briefed him that the greatest and least understood threat to our nation and global modern electronic civilization is the electromagnetic pulse (EMP).

Candidate Trump, astonished that the U.S. government had done nothing to protect the national electric grid and other life-sustaining critical infrastructures, said, “Don’t worry. When I’m elected president, we’ll knock some heads together and fix this.”

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