Cherokee Election activity raises more questions

CherokeeNation101A Cherokee Nation residency dispute that resulted in the rejection of Julia Coates’ candidacy for Deputy Chief this month has generated additional questions of propriety in the operation and organization of the Election Commission. Included are allegations that Principle Chief Bill John Baker with partisan cronies have manipulated election districts, micromanaged staff, and mismanaged funds – not to mention doubling the costs to file for office.

Coates will not be on the ballot despite 31 specific items submitted as evidence to the court documenting her domicile in Tahlequah. She is thus punished for teaching Cherokee History part of the year at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA).

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George W. Bush on Obama failures

America3On Josh Rogin quotes an inside source to a closed-door meeting  with Jewish Donors Saturday night where former-President George W. Bush delivered a candid assessment of foreign policy.

While Rogin writes these are Bush’s “harshest public criticisms to date against his successor” on foreign policy; no other expert could possibly have a better background to analyze worldwide threats to the peace and safety of America both at home and abroad.

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‘Forget Me Not': L.A. marchers remember 100-Year Anniversary of Armenian Genocide

AP Photo/Nick Ut/

AP Photo/Nick Ut/

LOS ANGELES, California — Between 50,000 to 100,000 Armenians took to the streets of Little Armenia on the centennial anniversary of the day that marked the start of the Armenian genocide 100 years ago.

The atmosphere was thick with an energy of enthusiasm from those in attendance who braved the chillier weather, which is uncharacteristic of Los Angeles during this time of year, to voice their concerns over the lack of formal recognition of the loss their people suffered [beginning April 25, 1915].

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Balancing Oklahoma’s checkbook

OkCashCowOpinion:  Oklahoma will collect more than $8 billion in taxes in 2015. Since 2009, our state’s revenue has increased by almost 2 percent per year. With that sum of money, and five years of consistent growth, it is hard to believe our state has a $611 million shortfall this year.

However, the budget committee’s failure to consider obvious trends and instead grossly overestimate the state’s income guaranteed financial problems. In fact, it rejected the warnings of budget committee members trained in finance who predicted a shortfall.

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Children’s car seat safety check event

ChildCarSeatThe Oklahoma Turnpike Authority is partnering with the Oklahoma Department of Public Safety, Oklahoma Highway Patrol and Safe Kids Tulsa to provide families with free inspections for their child’s car seat.

The event will feature a Kona Ice snow cone truck and children’s games. The first 50 people to attend will get free snow cones.

According to, using a child safety seat (car seat) is the best protection you can give your child when traveling by car. Every state in the United States requires that an infant or small child be restrained — and with good reason. Child safety seats can reduce the risk of a potentially fatal injury substantially for babies in particular and also for toddlers. But many safety seats are used incorrectly.

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