Pursuit of Power as Performance Art

One of Tulsa Today’s favorite other investigative Oklahoma sites, “How to Steal a State” is back with, “The final season of How to Steal a State which we greatly admire, for example, with this gem, “If Americans had access to the revealing personal texts and emails from all candidates that Oklahoma has from current gubernatorial candidate Joy Hofmeister (D), due to her four previous felony indictments, the nation would have much stronger and more sincere leadership.” Yes, it gets better.

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AGs demand repeal of Biden’s electioneering

Oklahoma Attorney General John O’Connor has joined Louisiana Attorney General Jeff Landry in calling on President Joe Biden to rescind his Executive Order 14019 (EO), which authorizes the executive branch to utilize all federal executive agencies’ power, resources, and reach to carry out voter registration and voter mobilization activities.  

“I am a big supporter of increased voter participation in elections, but I am also a big supporter of States’ rights,” said Attorney General O’Connor. “I am just as passionate about stopping the growth of the federal government. This executive order directs the use of taxpayer dollars to promote voter registration and participation. The state chief legal officers’ opposition is based in law, noting that the U.S. Constitution does not provide this power to the executive branch and arguing that this responsibility falls on state legislatures.

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China-Mexico poison for Halloween

‘It’s a mass poisoning’: Images show rainbow-colored fentanyl disguised as Skittles and Nerds CANDY – as ex-DEA official warns parents that dealers are peddling the drugs to kids on social media

If there is any story that must be included in every national news program until the crisis ends, it is the poisoning of America by a chemical concocted in China and criminally delivered by Mexico across President Joe Biden’s open border – just in time for Halloween – Fentanyl, now in colorful commercial packaging.

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Justice for Gertrude, Part 2

The mystery deepens with current interviews

Gertrude Marshall Blakey was attacked October 13, 1981, in the doorway of her home in one of the most exclusive wealthy neighborhoods in Tulsa. Forty years later, it remains an unsolved open case of homicide and, oddly, many who could describe the events surrounding her death have never been questioned by police.

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