What election means to your medical care

People are marching with “Health Care Voter” signs, and this is generally believed to be one of the most important issues in the  midterm elections. Republicans who got elected on a promise to repeal ObamaCare, and reneged, may now get unelected. Voters who supported them are dissatisfied and Democrats demand still more government involvement in medicine.    Continue reading

Late field goal dooms TU

The University of South Florida Bulls invaded Tulsa’s H.A. Chapman Stadium Friday night and handed the TU Golden Hurricane one of its most heartbreaking defeats in recent memory, escaping with a 25-24 victory on a last-second field goal. Continue reading

Politician and public pension perks

Pensions are bankrupting cities and states nationwide and Oklahoma is no exception.  As Jonathan Small and Mike Brake report, “Government jobs have long been known for relatively generous pensions. This is especially true for some longtime elected officials in Oklahoma.”  Continue reading

Attorneys bankroll campaigns of judges

Trevor Brown writing for Oklahoma Watch provides details of which judges raise how much money in campaigns from attorneys – some who profit mightily from favorable judicial decisions.  Brown begins:

George Gibbs is no stranger to District Judge Linda Morrissey’s courtroom. The founding partner of the Gibbs Armstrong & Borochoff law firm has spent much of his career litigating in Tulsa County, where Morrissey has been a district judge for 22 years.  Continue reading

Paul: What hysterical Leftists fail to note

Senator Rand Paul

Kentucky Republican Senator Rand Paul revealed October 10 that media largely ignored a key detail from the attempted mass murder of Republican lawmakers last year at a baseball field.

On Fox News’ “FOX & Friends,” Paul condemned the violent rhetoric of the political Left and the Democratic Party warning someone is going to end up killed if inflammatory rhetoric doesn’t stop.

“I was there at the ball field when Rep. Steven Scalise almost died from a very, very angry violent man who was incited really by rhetoric on the left,” Paul said.  Continue reading