Election Board Decides Complaint

Beginning local conflict in the current election cycle, Democrat candidates for the office of Tulsa County Commissioner District 2 faced off at an administrative hearing of the Election Board Tuesday morning in a two-on-one attack.

Maria Barnes, the complainant, asserted that Jim Rea had not lived in the district for the full six months prior to filing as required by law. Sarah Gray, running for the same office also as a Democrat, was beside her helping Barnes make the case.

Rea closed on the purchase of a residence in District 2 September 29 and updated his voter registration October 1, 2023. The new home is a few blocks from his previous residence which was not in the district and Rea declared he purchased the new home specifically to run for the county office.

Complainants Sarah Gray, Maria Barnes vs. Jim Rea, Laurie Phillips
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Don Tomkalski Retires from TU

Senior Associate Athletic Director for Communications Don Tomkalski has announced his retirement from The University of Tulsa after a 40-year career. Tomkalski’s final day will be May 31. He will be missed by many for his skill, grace, and good humor.

“I am forever grateful to The University of Tulsa for giving a young kid back in 1984 the opportunity of a lifetime,” Tomkalski said. “I never could have imagined spending 40 years at one school but have thoroughly enjoyed my time at TU. I have witnessed so many great games, fierce competitions, outstanding individual and team performances and have had a lot of laughs that will always be etched in my memory. It was also because of this job that I met my wife Gary Ann, and I thank her for the patience and understanding of the long hours and time away.

“I thank the communication staff members who have worked with me thru the years for all their hard work and dedication. It has been a pleasure to work with them as well as the many coaches, student-athletes, athletic staff, media members and the numerous campus departments. The people make the place, and Tulsa is a tremendous place.”

Don Tomkalski
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Oklahoma’s Future is Aerospace & Aviation

Opinion: With how competitive the national economic landscape has become, it’s imperative to invest in industries that not only provide stable employment but also drive innovation and prosperity. An industry that holds tremendous promise for Oklahoma’s economic future is aerospace and aviation.

Days like the recently held Aero Day here at the Capitol, help to reaffirm our commitment to workforce and economic development in the aerospace industry. For those unfamiliar with this day, Aero Day is an important day here at the Capitol where aerospace and defense businesses from around the state convene to discuss important initiatives with legislators. This event serves as a platform for collaboration and idea exchange, driving forward the aerospace agenda in Oklahoma.

Recognizing the significance of bolstering the aerospace sector, Oklahoma has taken proactive steps to support its growth. From increasing state funding for aerospace initiatives to integrating aerospace education into high school and CareerTech classrooms, our state is positioning itself as a national leader in this critical industry. The aerospace and defense sector stands as Oklahoma’s second-largest and fastest-growing business sector, employing over 200,000 Oklahomans across more than 1,100 aerospace and aviation companies. This industry not only drives economic activity but also fosters innovation and creates high-paying jobs statewide.

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