Felony charges possible over Bob Jack mailer

Candidate Bob Jack

Updated: The Tulsa County Election Board has received and forwarded complaints to law enforcement that County Commissioner District 3 Candidate Bob Jack’s campaign mailer in mid-June was illegal ballot harvesting. Multiple complaints have been forwarded to the Tulsa County District Attorney’s office. Tulsa Today reported June 20th that Jack’s mailer violated privacy and risked identity theft, but the story keeps growing.

Update 1: Rachel Roberts, Director of Communications for the Office of the Oklahoma Attorney General today notified Tulsa Today that they, “received a recusal from DA Kunzweiler’s office and we are in the process of assigning the case to another DA for review,”

The official definitions of “Absentee Ballot Harvesting” include, “Partially or fully completing an application for an absentee ballot on behalf of another person without that person’s prior consent.” Bob Jack’s campaign mailed absentee ballot applications to voters that included their full legal names, addresses and birthdays completed on the form without their “prior consent.”

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Justice for Gertrude, Part 1

A 40 year Tulsa mystery revealed.

Gertrude Marshall Blakey, Circa 1932

On October 13, 1981, Gertrude Marshall Blakey, a wealthy 73-year-old Tulsan, was attacked in the doorway of her home at 1843 East 31st Place. Forty years later, it remains an unsolved open case of homicide.

Her grandson and family trustee, Marshall Johnson (age 47) has independently investigated the murder since 2008. He says, “the court system has been used to hinder my investigation of Gertrude Blakey’s murder.” To that point, Johnson was accused July 21, 2021, of stalking by Tulsa Judge Millie E. Otey and her husband attorney Sam P. Daniel III who have lived in Blakey’s former home since her death.

Johnson left a message on Daniel’s business phone. Johnson and Daniel’s characterization of the call dramatically differ, but both agree the call was a decade after any previous contact.

In an exclusive interview, this writer called Daniel who said, “I just want this guy to leave us alone. But if he is calling you to continue this harassment then I am going to do something about it. I don’t know what, but I take this very seriously. I have put up with this for a long time as well as have several other very prominent attorneys and government officials in this town. I don’t want to tell you how to do your business, but I would definitely ask you not to publish anything about this. This is a very problematic situation.”

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Special interests ride taxpayers

A billion here and a billion there of wasted money! Over the last many years, certain special interest groups have managed to ride the coattails of Oklahoma taxpayers to great profits.

As a free market capitalist, I am always in favor of entrepreneurs making tremendous profits when they provide great products and services to customers. However, I cringe when hardworking Oklahomans pay up big time for special interest groups to fuel the gravy train of subsidized revenues. And people wonder why we can’t pay our teachers enough or we’re still forced to require taxes on personal income!

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Threat to medical freedom: Monkeypox

Breaking: The Biden administration today declared a public health emergency for monkeypox in a bid to unlock funding and more powers to deal with the virus, which officials say is primarily spreading among homosexual males.

The World Health Org. (WHO) declaration of Monkeypox as a “Public Health Emergency of International Concern” (PHEIC), was made by one man, WHO Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, who has no medical training, over the objection of the majority of his own expert committee of medical and scientific advisors. Nine of the committee members thought a PHEIC should not be declared and six supported a declaration.

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OK joins anti-Robocall Task Force

Oklahoma Attorney General John O’Connor yesterday announced that Oklahoma is joining a nationwide Anti-Robocall Litigation Task Force of 50 attorneys general to investigate and take legal action against the telecommunications companies responsible for allowing illegal foreign robocalls into the United States. This bipartisan nationwide Task Force has one goal: to reduce illegal robocalls. The Task Force will focus on shutting down the providers that profit from this illegal scam traffic and refuse to take steps to mitigate scam calls.   

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