Racist t-shirts appear at Tulsa school

Editorial:  The photos broke my heart. Days and many conversations later it still hurts to know that some racialists will demagogue division to destroy community from Booker T. Washington (BTW) High School in Tulsa.

Friday a young Republican first sent the photos. She wanted to know what I thought. In truth, I am still processing chunks of opinion wrapped in disgust.  Continue reading

Sen. Lankford on terror and travel

Sen. James Lankford (R-OK)

Video Report:  On Saturday, September 16, Senator James Lankford appeared on Fox News to discuss the September 15 terrorist attack in London, American national security, and President Trump’s travel ban.

In part Sen. Lankford asserts that extreme vetting necessary for national security, but America is now and always has been a welcoming nation accepting refugees from throughout the world.   Continue reading

Coulter: No amnesty is a good amnesty

Islamic & Communist Supremacists agree – no nations.

Ann Coulter recently crafted an excellent review of what happens when Republicans buy into Democrat lies on amnesty.

In this case, President Donald J. Trump seems inclined to abandon his voters to pander to the Left. That never works.

There is no life, logic or Liberty on the Left, but that’s my line – Coulter makes more specific historical points on amnesty.  Continue reading