Calling all ‘Brawlers!

Dodgebrawl1The fifth annual Dodgebrawl Tournament presented by 2 Fellas Moving Company returns to BOK Center July 23. This one-day dodge ball tournament sets teams to compete for the charity or nonprofit of their choice with each winning team’s selected charity/nonprofit receiving a financial donation on behalf of the tournament.

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The Threat is real

ThreatLogo1Tulsa has a professional women’s football team.

Traditionally speaking, most contact sports have been dominated by men.  There are very few sports at the professional level as a whole, but with the exception of ice hockey, contact sports for women are few and far between.

Then you come across the Tulsa Threat, a professional women’s tackle football team.  The squad is comprised of 28 ladies, thirteen of them veteran players, who play their home games at the football stadium on the Webster High School campus.  The squad has been around for five years playing initially as the Tulsa Eagles in the Women’s Football Alliance and this season they debuted in the Independent Women’s Football League as the Tulsa Threat.

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Better a poor patient in U.S. than rich in Socialism

HealthcareAlertAnalysis: “What about the poor?” is inevitably asked of people who promote free enterprise in medicine. Good question. Let’s look at actual results, not sentiment or good intentions.

In the U.S., Medicaid is generally the means for payment for medical services for the poor. The services are, however, the same regardless of the payment method (Medicaid or private). In socialized systems, the payment method is the same for rich and poor, and service is provided by government-salaried workers. As is typical of socialism, more money does not buy you more or better services, but political influence often does.

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Mvskoke Media independence awarded

MvskokeMediaLogoMvskoke Media, the media arm of the Muscogee (Creek) Nation, received the 2016 Oklahoma Society of Professional Journalists Carter Bradley First Amendment Award April 30 at the Reed Conference Center in Midwest City, Okla.

“The passage of an Independent Press Act for the fourth largest tribe in America is a pronounced indicator that Native American citizens are getting serious about the type of relationship they have with their respective governments,” Mvskoke Media Interim Manager Jason Salsman said. “The message is loud and clear, transparency is a mandate. To be a part of something that will leave such a legacy and make such an impact for generations to come is both gratifying and humbling.”

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Illegal border invasion surging

Islamic and Communist Supremacists agree on one world - just disagree on who should be in charge.

Islamic and Communist Supremacists agree.

Media in Brownsville, Texas is reporting today that the number of people crossing America’s southern border illegally is on the rise to a point consistent with the surge two years ago.

Chief Patrol Agent and Commander of the South Texas Corridor Manuel Padilla Jr. insisted this time, his agents are better prepared and border security isn’t in jeopardy. Others suggest that with the Obama Administration’s encouragement, more are coming, less are held and services to quickly relocate the invaders hide them until they can vote for Democrats.

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