Students receive free backpacks and supplies

KidsBackpack1Back to school season can be a financially challenging time for many North Tulsa Families. Buying new clothes, books, and school supplies can be extremely expensive, especially for families with more than one child. This year, several Tulsa community leaders have come together to organize a program that provided a free, brand new backpack filled with school supplies to every single student at Jackson Elementary School in North Tulsa.

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“GREATER” movie has ties to Tulsa Football

GreaterMovieThe college football-themed film “GREATER”, which debuts in movie theatres on Friday, August 26, has eight former Tulsa Golden Hurricane football student-athletes making appearances.

The former TU players recruited to play “real players” in the film included: H-back Michael Britton, quarterback Malachi Blankenship, defensive end Cory Dorris, defensive tackles Daeshon Bufford and Derrick Jackson, offensive linemen Brian DeShane and Trent Dupy and linebacker DeAundre Brown. The right leg of former Tulsa kicker Cory Jefferis also makes an appearance in the film. Continue reading

Primary runoff today

Vote2016aSeveral runoff contests for elected office will be decided today as polls open this morning. A low turnout is expected which could dramatically impact outcomes. Most candidate feature video messages in their online presentation so you may research each from the site links following.

One of the most hard fought and closely watched effort is Senate District 25 matching Lisa Kramer, a Bixby school board member and outspoken public education supporter, against Joe Newhouse, a naval officer, backed by a national school choice organization and endorsed by former district candidates Bob Jack and Craig Murray.

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Senate Dist. 39 perspectives

DaveRaderAnalysis:  Chatting before a recent Republican Women’s Club (RWC) of Tulsa County meeting, the lady sitting next to me said she could not vote for former-TU Coach Dave Rader because he canvased her house, but would not spend time talking with her about the issues.

I answered that Rader’s remaining opponent in the run-off Tuesday August 23, the strident rightwing activist Amanda Teegarden had acted much worse. I had asked Teegarden to talk months earlier at a RWC meeting noting that I am a precinct Chairman with other family voters also living in Oklahoma Senate Dist. 39. Teegarden immediately asserted that I was mistaken and walked away.

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The president we need

Ted Nugent

Ted Nugent

If you’re on the fence about voting for Donald Trump OR supporting his campaign, then you need to read conservative rock star Ted Nugent’s 12 Reasons to Vote for Trump.

Ted in his typical bold direct style may have developed the top dozen reasons to vote in this election. Individualistic perspectives to be sure, but not without appreciable humor.

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