Lawless Nation: Innocents are dying

HealthcareAlertPhysicians traditionally take the Oath of Hippocrates to preserve life to the best of their ability and judgment. Your doctor is supposed to be a “watchman” over health and life. Yet today, with rampant lawlessness on the part of our government leading to the death of hundreds of thousands of innocent human beings—from the most vulnerable unborn babies to America’s bravest warriors—physicians need to sound the trumpet. We cannot remain silent when life is at stake.

At one end of the spectrum the warriors that served our country here and abroad are denied prompt access to medical care when they need it, and many die waiting—either from disease or suicidal despair.

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Shock clinch playoff berth with two big wins

ShockFeaver1TULSA, OK—The bittersweet saga of the Tulsa Shock has a new and somewhat bizarre twist as for the first time in the six years in Tulsa (and their final year in Oklahoma) they will make the WNBA Playoffs.

They accomplished the feat by winning five straight, extending the Tulsa era record to 14.

The two wins this weekend boosting the Shock over the top and into the WNBA’s big dance were victories over the Los Angeles Sparks and the Indiana Fever – by all measure significant wins.

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Let states do the job Obama won’t: Sanction Iran

IranDealJokePresident Obama’s executive agreement with Iran is enormously controversial for good reason. Negotiated in coordination with Russia, China, France, Germany and the United Kingdom, the deal welcomes Iran as a participant in the world community conditioned only on marginal changes to its nuclear program.

It effectively allows Iran to maintain technology that would lead to a nuclear weapon, as well as continue its human-rights abuses, sponsoring of terrorism, imprisoning of American hostages, and threats to American allies, including Israel.

Fortunately, the U.S. states have the power to limit these threats, if they all choose to use it.

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Drillers final 2015 homestand

TulsaDrillersLgThe Drillers will return to ONEOK Field Saturday for their final homestand of the 2015 regular season after a short trip to Arkansas. They will host the Springfield Cardinals in a three-game set August 29, 30 and 31 followed by a four-game series against the Northwest Arkansas Naturals September 1, 2, 3 and 4. All seven games are scheduled to begin at 7:05PM.

There will be several fun promotions at the ballpark during the last seven games. They include a Tulsa’s Channel 8 Grand Slam Saturday to begin the homestand, a OKC Thunder Night on Saturday, August 29 along with a final News On 6 Friday Night Fireworks show following the last home game of the year on Friday, September 4.

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Shock dims Sun

Karima Christmas (13) sizes up a shot in Friday's win over Connecticut.

Karima Christmas (13) sizes up a shot in Friday’s win over Connecticut.

TULSA, OK—Coming off a big 74-59 win over the WNBA defending champion Phoenix Mercury on Tuesday night the Tulsa Shock (-14) looked to make it two in a row taking on the Connecticut Sun in the BOK Center Friday night. It took 45 minutes instead of 40, but the Shock pulled off a come from behind win dropping the Sun 84-76.

It also pushed the Shock into their 13th win this season, which is the most wins since the team left Michigan in 2010, which is ironic considering that it’s something the Tulsa fans wanted, but will only get one season to enjoy given the forthcoming move to Texas thanks to absentee majority ownership.

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