REPORT: Teachers pay jump after union reforms

Education4The Education Action Group Foundation web site features a compelling report on Wisconsin’s landmark Act 10 that Oklahoma teachers and legislative leaders should review in detail.

Beyond Act 10’s obvious contribution making operations less expensive for local public schools, the elimination of most labor union collective bargaining has also allowed K-12 officials the freedom to adjust their budgets according to their districts’ needs and resources to reward quality teachers and institute best practices in education.

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Buried truck fraud charges filed

Larry Ezell Photo: Mayes County Sheriff's Office/KTUL

Larry Ezell Photo: Mayes County Sheriff’s Office/KTUL

Two men accused of burying a pickup truck later reported stolen are now charged with insurance fraud. Arrest warrants have been issued for Robert Campbell II, 49, of Langley and Larry Ezell, 25, of Vinita.

The charges are the result of a joint investigation by the Oklahoma Insurance Department, Langley Police Department, Mayes County Sheriff’s Office, Craig County Sheriff’s Office, Delaware County Sheriff’s Office and the Oklahoma Department of Agriculture.

“Insurance fraud is a serious crime,” said Oklahoma Insurance Commissioner John D. Doak. “Bogus claims lead to higher premiums for all of us. These charges are the result of excellent work by several agencies. We were happy to assist with the investigation.”

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Calling all ‘Brawlers!

Dodgebrawl1The fifth annual Dodgebrawl Tournament presented by 2 Fellas Moving Company returns to BOK Center July 23. This one-day dodge ball tournament sets teams to compete for the charity or nonprofit of their choice with each winning team’s selected charity/nonprofit receiving a financial donation on behalf of the tournament.

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The Threat is real

ThreatLogo1Tulsa has a professional women’s football team.

Traditionally speaking, most contact sports have been dominated by men.  There are very few sports at the professional level as a whole, but with the exception of ice hockey, contact sports for women are few and far between.

Then you come across the Tulsa Threat, a professional women’s tackle football team.  The squad is comprised of 28 ladies, thirteen of them veteran players, who play their home games at the football stadium on the Webster High School campus.  The squad has been around for five years playing initially as the Tulsa Eagles in the Women’s Football Alliance and this season they debuted in the Independent Women’s Football League as the Tulsa Threat.

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Better a poor patient in U.S. than rich in Socialism

HealthcareAlertAnalysis: “What about the poor?” is inevitably asked of people who promote free enterprise in medicine. Good question. Let’s look at actual results, not sentiment or good intentions.

In the U.S., Medicaid is generally the means for payment for medical services for the poor. The services are, however, the same regardless of the payment method (Medicaid or private). In socialized systems, the payment method is the same for rich and poor, and service is provided by government-salaried workers. As is typical of socialism, more money does not buy you more or better services, but political influence often does.

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