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Justice Kavanaugh sworn Saturday

Brett Kavanaugh became the 114th justice of the U.S. Supreme Court Saturday evening after the Senate confirmed him by a vote of 50-48, handing President Trump a historic victory to shift the balance of ideology from dictatorial “Leftist hubris in activism” which has ruled for 84 years to the “original intent” of limits on government specified in the U.S. Constitution.  Continue reading

OK voter registration surges

Oklahoma’s voter rolls have surged since January, with nearly 2.1 million voters now registered as of the end of September, State Election Board Secretary Paul Ziriax said Friday.  Republicans accounted for nearly 60% of the net increase, with the number registered increasing by 44,543 since January.   Continue reading

All you gotta do is…

Karen O’Brien takes oath to serve on City Council.

Maybe it’s because I’m a Leo, or maybe it’s because I’ve watched too many incidences when no one stepped forward, that I volunteered to help my city when asked.

I have been appointed as an interim, temporary Tulsa City Councilor to allow that government body to lawfully perform the tasks needed. Continue reading

Why victims stay silent during Islamist abuse

Five adults from a compound near Amalia, NM appeared in Taos Magistrate Court (Aug. 8, 2018) on charges of child abuse. Bill Baron, Taos News.

One of the questions that surfaces about ideological extremism is the question of why women and children stay silent during Islamist abuse. Late this summer, Clarion Project broke a national story about a narrowly avoided “jihadist Waco” in which a group of children, men and women were in a remote off-grid  compound in New Mexico. One of the ring leaders was Imam Siraj Wahhaj’s son. Wahhaj Sr. is a prominent radical cleric in North America with considerable support from a wide field of Muslims ranging from Islamists such as Linda Sarsour to progressives.  Continue reading

Federal Grand Jury indictments released

United States Attorney Trent Shores announced yesterday the results of the October 2018 Federal Grand Jury. The following individuals have been charged with violations of law ranging from “dark web” activity to criminal invasion.  Indictments must be proven in a court of law beyond a reasonable doubt to overcome a defendant’s presumption of innocence.  Continue reading