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Are tax hikes really necessary?

Much whining and gnashing of teeth pervades conversations at the state capitol about a lack of sufficient revenue. Politicians to business leaders have everyone convinced that taxes must go up to solve the current budget mess. We have even heard several conversations that the constitution should be changed to make it easier for the legislature to pass tax increases. The facts suggest otherwise: Continue reading

Demons, Halos, and the Nocebo Effect

Analysis: Watching coverage of this year’s “Women’s March” was more disheartening than inspiring. Some participants wore odd sexually suggestive caps. Many carried signs dominated by anti-President Trump slogans—some displaying obscene language—in front of children, no less. To be fair, “women’s rights are human rights” was more popular than “keep your hands off my #@%^!.”

The normalization of the sport of destructive communication brings to mind the medical nocebo effect. Nocebo effects can modulate the outcome of a given therapy in a negative way, as do placebo effects in a positive way. In short, negative expectations beget negative results. Continue reading

Dems damned by criminal activity

Editorial:  The memo just released by Congress shows the height of corruption, but not the top. It is likely historians will note President Obama, Hillary Clinton, Eric Holder, Loretta Lynch, Lois Lemer and others by actions, omissions and instructions forever damned the Democrat Party to oblivion. This documentation of criminal activity will not be the last as America’s system of justice attempts to wipe itself clean.

It is fitting to begin with the FBI.  Continue reading

UPS adds $12 billion in investments

UPS today announced more than $12 billion in investments to expand the company’s Smart Logistics Network, significantly increase pension funding, and position the company to further enhance shareowner value.

“This $12 billion investment program is an outgrowth of the opportunity for tax savings created by the Tax and Jobs Act,” said David Abney, UPS Chairman and Chief Executive Officer.  Continue reading