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Ideology twisting YouTube?

Tulsa Today frequently features video from PragerU and we understand why loony Leftists news would not. What is surprising is a complaint that YouTube is ideologically twisted.

Say it’s not so. YouTube is loved by many as a free-wheeling find-anything fun site. How can it be true that PragerU is marking a one-year anniversary of a deliberate systematic restriction of over two-dozen videos. Continue reading

Sprint gives back in opening

Donations to public services are always appreciated

This week Sprint opened a new store in east Tulsa with a celebration and donation to the Tulsa Fire Department.

“We are excited to expand the availability of our services in Tulsa,” said Gary Ryals, Sprint District Manager – Tulsa. “We look forward to serving this community…”  Continue reading

Trump Administration highlights DitchWitch

DitchWitch @ White House (Photo: Stephanie Chasez)

Today the Trump Administration celebrated American manufacturing by launching Made In America Week which honors the workers and companies who make “Made-in-America” the world standard for quality and craftsmanship.

DitchWitch of Oklahoma was one of the 50 state products on display during the Product Showcase on the South Lawn at the White House in Washington, D.C.     Continue reading

Russia owns US anti-fracking protests

The Washington Times reported Sunday that Russia likely used a Bermuda shell company to buy useful American idiots to attack American energy production.

Russia’s propaganda schemes and shell companies are so complex that investigators call them “matryoshkas” for the Russian nesting dolls that hide one inside the other. Capitol Hill lawmakers say they are now wrestling with one that appears to have twisted American oil and gas policy in Moscow’s favor. Continue reading