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Claremore dreaming large for 2025

When City Manager Jim Thomas rolled-out his Claremore Dreams 2025 initiative he said, “Over the next nine months, the city will engage every corner of our community, from elected leadership to department directors, from the citizens in our neighborhoods to our retail and industrial partners, our university to our local schools.” Continue reading

BOK Center #17 arena in America

Pollstar announced today their 2017 Mid-Year Top 200 Arena Venues based on ticket sales and BOK Center finished #17 in the United States and #40 in the world.  BOK Center was also the highest ranked arena in North America managed by SMG, the Philadelphia-based venue operator that manages over 230 facilities, nearly 70 arenas, and over 1.75 million seats worldwide.

The #17 ranking in the United States puts BOK Center right behind Wells Fargo Center (Philadelphia) who ranked #15 and right in front of Staples Center (Los Angeles) who ranked #19. Tulsa beat LA – its a fact.  Continue reading

New court service improvement

Tulsa County District Attorney Steve Kunzweiler

Tulsa District Attorney Steve Kunzweiler announced today the opening of the relocated DA Supervision Office from its previous location on 5th Street to a new permanent location on the first floor of the Tulsa County Courthouse.

“This was a goal I’ve had since I took Office and to see it come to fruition is extremely gratifying,” Kunzweiler said.  “Having the DA Supervision Department in the very same building as the all the misdemeanor and district courts will streamline the process for both business owners and victims of bogus checks, as well as simplify the process for defendants participating in probation.”    Continue reading

Pet safety concerns over fireworks

Pet owners know their companions can easily become districted so consider fireworks as the ultimate distraction. Lights and sound may startle past training or loyalty as sharp report drives short attention spans to stampede – possibly beyond your ability to find them.  Continue reading