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Wall Debate: True transparency

With limited editorial delay, we present the great debate between disingenuous elite state cronies and the American People’s President Donald J. Trump. It’s the most critical debate in history – not a border wall, of course we need that – but whether The People rule by their elected President or if evil rules as criminal Democrats have done for decades.  Continue reading

On the road in Venezuela

Dictator dancing as nation riots and police murder

Recently The Guardian documented what they call, “‘A slow-motion catastrophe’: on the road in Venezuela, 20 years after Chávez’s rise.”  Proving again socialism will kill any nation that implements it. Tulsa Today has written so often on this topic that Google’s evil-in-practice limits our voice and Soros trolls harass us, but again we point to the obvious. People are dying daily and fleeing in mass the Marxist evil of Venezuela.  Continue reading

Children, the Caravan, and your health

There are three aspects to the caravan: what is shown by the media; what is there to be seen; and what is unseen.

The focus is on the innocent children, as in the widely circulated photograph of an obese woman with two children lacking pants or shoes, purportedly fleeing tear gas sprayed by cruel law enforcement agents. They are far from home, in a very dangerous place, in violation of the laws of Mexico.    Continue reading

A personal tribute to George H.W. Bush

Oak Ridge Boys & band with George H.W. Bush at the White House, Congressional BBQ Picnic (Photo Kathy Gangwisch)

What can we say that hasn’t been said or WILL be said about the loss of President George Herbert Walker Bush… That he was the 41st President of these United States…. That he was a selfless Naval pilot in the South Pacific… That he was an Ambassador to China… the head of the CIA… a Vice President… a leader… a hero… an example of being a gentlemanly force on the world stage… That he was fortunate enough to have been married to one of the most wonderful women who ever walked this planet? Continue reading

Caravan: Right to enter or existential threat?

At an assembly Nov. 7, migrants listen to leaders who tell them to press northward to the U.S. border. Photo: The Daily Signal

Nolan Peterson delivers a powerful first person account of traveling with the Migrant Caravan now headed to America that captures sentiment and propaganda, but not the cost of new unskilled workers who drive wages lower for citizens, risk social services and destabilize economy.

From this report published by The Daily Signal; the caravan is a direct result and deliberate contrivance of open border activists who declare peace, but deliver threats. Continue reading