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MLK Day reflections

Editorial:  I personally miss Rev. Martin Luther King. Despite flaws, I admire the man for the principle and courage he showed repeatedly with passion in leadership publicly. I take his instruction seriously to judge by character rather than color when I fail in the Christian Faith which says not to judge at all.

I know from detailed study that Rev. King was a practicing Christian and American Patriot opposed to the Marxism, collectivism or communism today’s disinformationists try to paint him with in retrospect.   Continue reading

OK Senator James Lankford 2017 review

Fellow Oklahomans; 2017 was full of major changes, political news, and major accomplishments in Congress. Senator James Lankford played a major part in a lot of it. There are many real issues facing our nation throughout the past year, we’ve made significant progress.

President Trump nominated and the Senate confirmed Supreme Court Justice Neil Gorsuch. The Senate also confirmed 12 Circuit Court judges—the most in any president’s first year in office since the creation of Circuit Courts in 1891. These judicial confirmations set a positive direction for our nation’s courts for a generation.  Continue reading

Time to End DACA

Steven A. Camarota writing for National Review produced a widely read and republished analysis noting the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA), program is illegal, overbroad, and the first step toward a full amnesty.

One of President Trump’s signature campaign promises was to end DACA, created by Barack Obama in 2012 that granted work permits, identity documents, and relief from deportation to approximately 800,000 illegal immigrants willing to assert they arrived as youths.  Continue reading

Biggest cringe-worthy media fails of 2017

This year will, without a doubt, go down as the year the American mainstream media lost its remaining credibility — that is, if you’re being fair in your assessment.

And while we can actually trace the beginning of the end for establishment media to before President Donald J. Trump defeated the most thoroughly corrupt presidential candidate representing the most thoroughly corrupt (and anti-American) party in the history of the republic, it was this year that saw the mainstream media self-destruct.    Continue reading