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Rep. Jim Bridenstine nomination advances

Rep. Bridenstine at his Nov. 1 confirmation hearing. Credit: NASA/Joel Kowsky/SpaceNews

U.S. Rep. Jim Bridenstine (R-OK Dist.1) advanced closer to becoming the administrator of NASA Wednesday as his nomination was approved by the Senate Commerce Committee over the objections of all Democrats in their ongoing rejection of civility.

Democrat obstruction of every Trump Administration nominee in this case resolved to a 14-13 vote to send Bridenstine’s nomination to the full Senate, where it will likely face the same irrational partisan opposition from Democrats. Continue reading

Mandating protection for girls softball

Should infield players be protected?

Missouri, recently mandated that all high school pitchers wear protective masks during softball games. Kentucky, went as far to mandate that all pitchers, first and third basemen also need to wear protective gear when on the field – so why isn’t Oklahoma taking protection seriously?

Are our young girls at risk? Continue reading

EPA’s new course: An interview with Scott Pruitt

EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt . (Photo: JEENAH MOON/REUTERS/Newscom/The Daily Signal)

Editor’s Note: Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Scott Pruitt spoke to Rob Bluey this week at The Heritage Foundation’s President’s Club meeting in Washington. They discussed leadership, the agency’s top priorities, law, congress and environmentalism. This is an edited transcript and a long-form work in a short-form world, but for those Oklahomans that have known Scott Pruitt over decades of public life – he gives interviews worth reading. Continue reading

Hurricane Irma aims for US

The Associated Press is reporting Hurricane Irma grew into a dangerous Category 5 storm, the most powerful seen in the Atlantic in over a decade, and roared toward islands in the northeast Caribbean Tuesday on a path that could eventually take it to the United States.    Continue reading