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The case for being uninsured

HealthcareAlertRepublicans say they are going to “replace” ObamaCare, but they will come up with something very similar and at least as bad if they start with the same misguided objective: “universal coverage.”

There are necessities of life, but insurance is not one of them.

Just what good is that little card in your wallet? Once it has expired, it is good for absolutely nothing, even if you have paid $100,000 or more for it over a period of years.

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Veteran help for traumatic brain injury

warriorcare16In recognition of Warrior Care Month and National Family Caregivers Month, Defense and Veterans Brain Injury Center (DVBIC) launched a new podcast for family caregivers of service members and veterans with traumatic brain injuries November 22.

The podcast, called “The TBI Family,” will focus on providing information about TBI, sharing resources for caregivers and telling caregiver stories.

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United effort underway to deal with feral swine


Feral hogs are an invasive, introduced species growing at an alarming rate. They are prolific breeders, travel long distances, are susceptible to diseases and cause problems through rooting, wallowing and destruction of resources. They are adaptable in survival making permanent removal unlikely. Photo: Noble Foundation.

Along with the Wildlife Services Division of the Oklahoma Department of Agriculture, Food and Forestry, the Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation is taking positive steps to address the feral swine situation in Oklahoma.

Feral swine have become a concern across Oklahoma because of their ever expanding numbers and the damage they inflict to the landscape. Feral swine have been detected in 70 of the state’s 77 counties, but they are most prevalent across the southern parts of Oklahoma. They are most active at night.

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Illegal immigrant sparks $61M fire

Sequoia National Forest fire damange

Sequoia National Forest fire damange

Angel Gilberto Garcia-Avalos had been deported five times in just the past four years, yet each time he has managed to sneak from Mexico back into the U.S., where he ended up in more mischief: driving without a license, attempted burglary and felony weapons charges.

In August, he graduated to full-fledged mayhem, sparking a fire in the Sequoia National Forest that has already cost the government $61 million and left some of the country’s most beautiful landscape scarred for years to come as reported by The Washington Times.

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Hillary’s Healthcare Reform: Basket of Deplorables

deplorables1In her recent interview on Israel Channel 2, Democrat Presidential Candidate Hillary Clinton said “I would say you can take Trump supporters and put them in two baskets–there are what I call the Deplorables, the racists, the haters…”

In calling millions of Americans “deplorable,” Hillary set off a firestorm of controversy and protest on social media.

Physicians serve patients to focus on healing, not ripping people apart causing more pain. Thus, from a medical perspective, it is abhorrent when a Presidential candidate resorts to such divisive and demeaning tactics, smearing hard working Americans who are simply expressing their Constitutional rights with differing opinions about our country’s major economic and social issues.

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