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Politician and public pension perks

Pensions are bankrupting cities and states nationwide and Oklahoma is no exception.  As Jonathan Small and Mike Brake report, “Government jobs have long been known for relatively generous pensions. This is especially true for some longtime elected officials in Oklahoma.”  Continue reading

VP Pence joins rally for Kevin Stitt in Tulsa

Vice President Mike Pence

Vice President Mike Pence will rally in Tulsa next Thursday for Kevin Stitt, Republican Candidate for Oklahoma Governor. Sponsored in part by the Oklahoma Republican Party, OK County Republican Party and the Republican Party of Tulsa County, this free event will be held at the Mabee Center, 7777 S. Lewis Ave. and open to the public. Continue reading

Kim Holland Endorses Glen Mulready

Former Insurance Commissioner Kim Holland

Former Insurance Commissioner, Kim Holland, announced her endorsement of Glen Mulready in his bid to fill the same office Wednesday.

“I have known Glen for over two decades, and I believe he is the most qualified candidate to be Oklahoma’s next Insurance Commissioner,” stated Holland. “As a former Commissioner myself, I understand the job, and I am confident Glen Mulready is ready to be an Insurance Commissioner for all Oklahomans regardless of age, party or where in our great state they live.” Continue reading

OK voter registration surges

Oklahoma’s voter rolls have surged since January, with nearly 2.1 million voters now registered as of the end of September, State Election Board Secretary Paul Ziriax said Friday.  Republicans accounted for nearly 60% of the net increase, with the number registered increasing by 44,543 since January.   Continue reading

OK Minority Leader pandering on pot

Senator Greg McCortney, R-Ada, Thursday afternoon issued a statement in response to the House Minority Democrat Leader’s earlier call for a special session on medical marijuana saying directly, “The Minority leader is wrong.”  He further noted the effort to “score political points by issuing a press release… is not leadership. It’s political pandering. Oklahomans deserve and expect better.”  Continue reading