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Gary Jones announces for governor

State Auditor Gary Jones Wednesday officially kicked off his bid for the state’s highest office in Tulsa promising to be a Governor for all Oklahomans.

“It’s time to reinvent state government so that it is accountable to the people of our great state,” Jones said. “Oklahomans are tired of the political games and want state government to fund core services in an effective and efficient manner. They want elected officials to be responsive to the citizens and not beholden to lobbyists.”

A Jones administration will put Oklahomans first – well ahead of the powerbrokers. He has a reputation of being a strong public servant working hard for all constituents. Continue reading

Early considerations in the Lt. Governor race

Oklahoma’s Lt. Governor Race 2018 features four announced Republicans and no Democrat. GOP contenders include former Oklahoma Republican Party Chair Matt Pinnell, current Oklahoma Corporation Commissioner Dana Murphy, State Senator Eddie Fields and Dominique Damon Block, Sr.

In an analysis of ethics reports for the period ending October 31, it appears that this race may well be one of the more interesting in the upcoming cycle.   Continue reading

St. Gregory’s to suspend operations

SHAWNEE – The Board of Directors of St. Gregory’s University made the difficult, but necessary, decision on Wednesday to suspend operations of the university at the end of this semester, following the denial of their loan application to the U.S. Department of Agriculture.

Without this component in the financial plan, the ability to sustain the university at this point is not possible. The Board of Directors continues to work actively to resolve financial difficulties and to explore possible partnerships in order to move forward.   Continue reading

Tulsa Republicans rebuke State Legislature

David McLain, Republican Party of Tulsa County

Tulsa Today Exclusive: David McLain, Chairman, Republican Party of Tulsa County released a letter Monday to party insiders calling to task Oklahoma lawmakers for “massive, permanent, tax increases.”

McLain wrote, “I call upon our Republican Governor and Legislature to adhere to the Republican Party Platform, on which they were elected” adding “There are opportunities for spending reductions in bloated, top-heavy agencies and duplications of services.”    Continue reading

Com. Doak applauds order on health plans

Trump signs an executive order in the Roosevelt Room of the White House with Rand Paul, Mike Pence, Rep. Virginia Foxx, and Secretary of Labor Alexander Acosta.

Oklahoma Insurance Commissioner John D. Doak is applauding President Donald Trump’s signing of an executive order that could expand the health insurance options for millions of Americans.

Specifically, President Trump has directed federal agencies to amend rules to expand access to association health plans by allowing employers to form groups across state lines and to return oversight of short-term limited duration plans to the states.      Continue reading