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Opposition to marijuana question forms

A coalition of medical professionals, those in law enforcement, business leaders, and members of the faith community filed papers Tuesday to formally oppose SQ 788. This broad-ranging coalition is committed to defeating the state question to allow “Medical Marijuana” in Oklahoma.

“This state question is NOT about Medical Marijuana,” stated campaign chairman Dr. Kevin Taubman.  “This question is too broad and does NOT have the support of the medical community.”     Continue reading

Bat disease spreading in Oklahoma

Surveillance for white-nose syndrome and the fungus that causes the bat disease found bats in seven counties – Adair, Cherokee, Delaware, LeFlore, Ottawa, Sequoyah, and Woodward counties – have been infected to date.

The fungus, Pseudogymnoascus destructans, was first detected in New York in the winter of 2006–2007 and had spread to Oklahoma by the winter of 2014–2015.    Continue reading

Gov. signs Medicaid work requirements

Governor Mary Fallin signs House Bill 2932 on Monday.

OKLAHOMA CITY – Governor Mary Fallin Monday signed legislation that directs the Oklahoma Health Care Authority to apply to the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) for a waiver that institutes work requirements for Medicaid.

House Bill (HB) 2932 by Representative Glen Mulready and Senator Adam Pugh is a measure requested by the governor.   Continue reading

OK Legislature adjourns for the year

State Capitol Building in Oklahoma City

Analysis: Democrats are damning and Republicans are praising the end of the 2018 Oklahoma Legislative session. Governor Mary Fallin has several bills, including Constitutional Carry, still to sign that may determine if she is remembered as a Liberal or Conservative, but to quote Oklahoma’s beloved Will Rogers, “It’s getting so if a man wants to stand well socially, he can’t afford to be seen with either the Democrats or the Republicans.”   Continue reading