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Campaign attacks heating governor race

If you hate how vigorous policy debate has been replaced by identity branding, glittering generalities and disingenuous demagoguery absent fact, you will likely find outrage in the attacks of candidates for Oklahoma Governor Kevin Stitt and Gary Richardson.

Tulsa Today has questions of substance limiting our admiration for both men, but the OKC based editor owned web site weighs into fire and furry with a summary of both campaign’s distain for the other.  Continue reading

OK Democrats on budget cuts

Rep. Steve Kouplen, on behalf of the Oklahoma House Democratic Caucus, has released the following statement on the $44 million worth of budget cuts passed on the House floor Monday:

“It is unconscionable that the Republican leadership in the House has led the state to the point where further cuts to the current year budget are inevitable. Today, the House sent $44 million worth of cuts to be approved by the Senate. We firmly believe that there are still options on the table to bring in a small portion of revenue for this year and put the state on a better path forward beginning the next fiscal year.  Continue reading

Work like we do!

Kay Coles James, President of The Heritage Foundation crafted an excellent column, but for Oklahoma it rings particularly true.  It is not just Washington D.C., but Oklahoma and many other states where the people notice government “lives by a different set of rules.”    Continue reading

Are tax hikes really necessary?

Much whining and gnashing of teeth pervades conversations at the state capitol about a lack of sufficient revenue. Politicians to business leaders have everyone convinced that taxes must go up to solve the current budget mess. We have even heard several conversations that the constitution should be changed to make it easier for the legislature to pass tax increases. The facts suggest otherwise: Continue reading

Walmart initiative combats opioid epidemic

Attorney General Hunter (center) speaks with DisposeRx co-founder Dennis Wiggins before a demonstration of how DisposeRx works to dissolve medications.

Attorney General Mike Hunter Friday met at a local Walmart pharmacy with officials from Walmart and DisposeRx to receive a hands-on demonstration of an innovative new initiative to help curb the nation’s opioid abuse epidemic.

Walmart announced last week it would carry and distribute the opioid disposal solution, known as DisposeRx, in all 4,700 pharmacies nationwide, free of charge. Additionally, pharmacists have been trained to help educate customers on how to safely and effectively use the product to dispose dangerous drugs of all types.   Continue reading