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No Need to “fix” Oklahoma Elections

Opinion: Oklahoma has one of the nation’s best election systems. We use paper ballots that allow hand recounts, our ballot machines are not Internet connected, and results are completely tallied on Election Day.

Yet some people want to get rid of that system and replace it with one notorious for voter errors, lengthy delays in counting, and growing public distrust of results – “ranked choice” voting.

In a ranked-choice voting system, voters designate their first choice in a race, their second choice, and so on down the ballot. If no candidate receives majority support, the second-choice votes of the candidate who finishes last are reallocated to the remaining candidates. If no candidate clears 50 percent of the vote at that time, the process repeats again and again until one candidate has received a majority.

This idea has been tried elsewhere and the results speak for themselves. The system is a disaster.

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It’s My Problem

Regular readers of this weekly column in newspapers, magazines, and online publications around the world know that one of the greatest influences in my life and career is the work of Napoleon Hill. Hill had many groundbreaking lessons derived from his interviews with hundreds of the most successful people of his era. One of these profound principles is the concept of going the extra mile. Hill was born in the 19th century and did his research in the early 20th century.

Here in the 21st century, our job descriptions and roles tend to be very well-defined. People know what they are responsible for, and they also know what they are not responsible for. The difference between top-level performers and average people is the fact that top-level performers strive to serve their customers or clients in the marketplace and put everyone ahead of themselves in their personal lives.

Average people merely go to the boundary of their job descriptions or minimal expectations and stop there, often using the excuse, “It’s not my job.”

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Recovering Godly Humanity

Editorial: National Education Association (NEA) President, Becky Pringle, spoke recently to advocate for pornography in our school libraries as well as for programs to encourage confused youth to believe that gender is a state of mind unrelated to biology.

Just over a month ago, she chastised the Christian patriots in the Oklahoma legislature. On Thursday, February 22, 2024, she said: In Oklahoma and across the country, some legislators and decision makers are flooding state capitols and school boards with anti-LGBTQ+ legislation and hateful rhetoric.

She was eviscerating our own Senator Shane Jett and many other Christian men and women who serve in the Oklahoma House and Senate.

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Attack on Moms Lacks Credibility

Editorial Analysis: The Tulsa World attack today on Moms for Liberty is so obviously ideologically leftist that they quote as credible a leftist propaganda organization, the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) and note the damning sin of the group “pushing for involvement from parents, voters” in education elections. How dare Moms for Liberty engage in democracy! Five different Moms for Liberty chapters participated.

World Reporter Melissa Jacques writes, “The Tulsa chapter [of Moms for Liberty] has not made national headlines but is labeled as an anti-government group by the Southern Poverty Law Center. Moms for Liberty is one of the three organizations in Oklahoma to appear on the SPLC Hate Map.”

In January 2020, “Making Hate Pay: The Corruption of the Southern Poverty Law Center,” by Tyler O’Neil, Senior Editor of PJ Media and conservative commentator was published. Real journalists should be familiar with the work. The description of SPLC begins, “Racial discrimination. Sexual harassment. Off-shore accounts. Inflated and biased attacks on ‘hate.’ These are some of the many reasons Americans should mistrust the Southern Poverty Law Center.

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The Impending Bikeman Scandal

Don’t say you weren’t warned…

Satirical Analysis: In an era where the line between reality and fiction increasingly blurs, the unfolding of the Bikeman scandal emerges as a narrative so bewildering it could easily be mistaken for dystopian fiction. This editorial delves into a controversy that has stunned a nation, spotlighting the astonishing breach of faith by Joel Bikeman, the once-esteemed president of the United Skates corporation. United Skates, celebrated for its unrivaled bicycle security locks and pioneering contributions to the biking community under the stewardship of its former president, Donnie Tramp, now finds itself embroiled in a scandal of unprecedented proportions.

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