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Tulsa Cyber Security features Brennan and Gupta

Former-CIA Director and proven liar John Brennan

Analysis: Immediately following the release of Special Prosecutor Robert Muller’s report of 675 days of investigation with 2,800 subpoenas and 500 witnesses costing taxpayers some $25 million to prove former-CIA Director John Brennan is always wrong the Tulsa World quotes him at today’s Tulsa Cyber Summit saying, “digital environment is not a static environment.” Stop the presses. Brennan discovered life is not static. Oh the shock of it all. How can we endure the pain? Change occurs. What stunning simplicity. Asking Brennan about security is like asking Al Capone to do your taxes.

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Doctor Robot for you, Real Doctor for me

A couple of years ago, computer programs, algorithms, and glorified Google searches were touted as the replacements for a physician’s analysis of a patient’s medical condition. Compressed medical research is quite useful for clinicians who are presented with novel situations and have no readily available colleagues with whom to discuss the case. However, the purpose of flow charts should not be to replace the brains of busy clinicians or, worse yet, be a cookbook for the practitioners at drugstore clinics.

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Enduring principles of persuasion “Win Bigly”

Most reviews of Scott Adams latest book Win Bigly: Persuasion in a World Where Facts Don’t Matter note a bit of “apprehension.” A lot of people are quite vocal about their personal and/or political hatred of Trump, but when a book is described by Politico as “an oxygen-free cubicle into which is piped a barking infomercial for the president” it makes me want to buy a dozen.

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Elizabeth Warren is disgusting to discuss

Sen. Elizabeth Warran (D-MA, pretend native)

Opinion: Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) continues to insist that “family lore” was sufficient justification to claim — beginning in 1984 in the Pow Wow Chow cookbook and in 1986 on her Texas Bar registration card — that she has Native American heritage.

As a Cherokee Grandfather, I can not fully articulate the level of disgust any mention of her name or image inspires in Oklahoma.

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