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Biden Administration wants war

Editorial: Monday Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin declared that the Biden administration’s goal in Ukraine is “to see Russia weakened to the degree that it can’t do the kinds of things that it has done in invading Ukraine.” It could take years.

America’s goal should be peace.

However, Sec. Austin may follow his pattern and introduce historically inaccurate “Woke” ideologies in Russia to weaken the military – that should do it.

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Teacher unions invest in Oklahoma GOP?

Opinion: As the Oklahoma legislative session progresses, it is worth noting not only what bills advance, but which bills do not—and why the latter were rejected.

As always, education is a big issue with voters, but close observers of the Oklahoma Legislature may have already noticed an unexpected pattern. While the Republican-controlled Oklahoma Senate has voted on significant education legislation, the GOP-dominated Oklahoma House of Representatives has not.

It’s worth asking why.

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NY Post: Joe Biden tied to Hunter’s business

Editorial: Regular readers of Tulsa Today know we have covered the questions of corruption by the Biden family for years. It was never really hidden that multiple Biden family members enriched themselves from Joe Biden’s public positions. That said, the NY Post Wednesday well summarized the dozen times now President Joe Biden is directly tied to his son Hunter Biden’s business – if you can call trafficking off family fame a business.

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Bill Maher revisited over Freedom Convoy

HBO host, Bill Mayer

Analysis: This writer has been harshly critical of HBO “Real Time” host Bill Maher. However, his take on the Canadian Freedom Convoy suggests he is deserving of praise. Maher is a truthful as he sees it antiauthoritarian and in that we celebrate his forthright courage.

Maher began his Friday night panel discussion with, “What’s happening this week, it looks like, is people are understanding this is about something more than just the vaccine mandate.”

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It’s Black History Month: Let’s Get Real

Marilyn M. Singleton, MD, JD

I knew we were turning the corner on Covidmania when I walked by two little girls, one black, one white, playing on their front lawn. They had cheerful, mask-free glowing smiles. They proudly showed me the twisty little creatures they made with pipe cleaners. What a welcomed sight!

As Covid fear was waning, unnerved by the thought that we might regain our happy lives, the government-media complex blared that our society is systemically infected with racism and white people must repent.

The deafening drumbeat of race, racism, and more race is leaving its mark. New York City is using race as a criterion allocating Covid-19 treatments. That will certainly erode trust in the medical system. President Biden is undermining the legitimacy of the Supreme Court by pledging to fill a vacancy, not the best person, but a black female. The issue is not that black female bright legal scholars do not exist, but that the only stated criteria were gender and skin color.

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