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OK Workers’ Comp review

Guest Editorial:  February marked the 3rd anniversary of the Oklahoma Legislature’s reform of the workers’ compensation system and the establishment of the Workers’ Compensation Commission (WCC), as an administrative agency of the State.

The system was designed to reduce litigation, streamline processing of claims, and control medical costs through more efficient and timely delivery. Good News: it is working as promised. Continue reading

Leadership Left: Totally losing it

Rep. Nancy Pelosi, Minority Leader

Editorial & Video: It is stunning to see video of the five times Nancy Pelosi couldn’t hide the fact she is totally losing it. The left calls this leadership?  What a joke!  

While it is nice to know it is not just your crazy Leftist cousins cracking up; blame President Obama’s Propagandist Ben Rhodes, Criminal Comic Sen. Al Franken, Pretend Native Sen. Elizabeth Warren and the entire national media establishment including the local daily newspaper for allowing obvious lies and distortions to dominate the culture without comment. Ideologically convinced blindness does not change reality.  Continue reading

Standing Rock, talking trash, Tulsa voices

These “protectors” don’t protect from their own trash.

Editorial:  A Florida company hired by the Standing Rock Sioux tribe to clean up the remains of the Dakota Access Pipeline protest says, after three months, they’ve finally finished hauling away all the garbage left at the temporary camp. It filled 835 dump trucks and cost $1.1 million to clean the land.    Continue reading

Tobacco through a different lens

Opinion:  It’s been more than twenty years ago, but I remember it like it was yesterday. I had been in medical practice in Tulsa for about ten years and my mother and sister decided to tour China – one of their bucket list excursions. I had gone home to Bartlesville to visit my father left behind to mind the homestead and we were sitting, chatting in our den. He got out of his chair, walked up to where I was sitting and, lifting his chin, pointed to a lump on his neck.

“What do you think this is?” Before I touched it, I knew, but I reached out and pressed against the hard lump just under his chin. Continue reading

Gay hated when out as conservative

Chadwick Moore

Updated: Chadwick Moore, a 33-year-old journalist living in Williamsburg, had been a lifelong liberal. Then, last September, he penned a profile for Out Magazine of Milo Yiannopoulos, a controversial and outspoken critic of feminism, Muslims and gay rights (despite being openly gay himself). Although the story didn’t take a stance on Yiannopoulos, Moore found himself pilloried by fellow Democrats and ostracized by longtime friends. Continue reading