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Happy Birthday America 2018

Opinion: If you don’t love America and Americans, please don’t read this piece. We respect and defend the rights of others to disagree, but on Tulsa Today we practice prideful freedom.

Political correctness which Leftist Loons promote is a limitation we must oppose. We regret that there is no longer Liberty on the Left or love of nation as they riot to open borders, abolish law enforcement and call conservatives to battle with fighting words. Continue reading

Political surveillance fabrication explained

Editorial Analysis: House Intelligence Committee Chairman Devin Nunes on Monday explained simply how Democrats have damaged the FBI, Departments of Justice and State and respect for Rule of Law in America.

Nunes told Fox News’ Laura Ingraham on “The Ingraham Angle” directly that, “We’re not gonna be threatened by the Democrats. They are the ones that have all this blood on their hands.”  Continue reading

Lies, spies and politics

Editorial: It happens locally each election cycle. Bad behaviors by campaigns trying to gain advantage, but never before in history have Federal Law Enforcement and American Intelligence Services betrayed the Rule of Law as was done in attacking now President Donald J. Trump.

Communist, Socialist and other totalitarian regimes do that in betrayal of their people, but Americans have a Constitution that forbids it – happened anyway – Rule of Law or not in America today will be determined by prosecution or not for justice sake.   Continue reading

May we see your ID?

Opinion:  Much is batted about regarding the need to identify voters via government-issued identification cards or passports. Some say it disenfranchises potential voters; others reflect that identification is needed for many other assistance or medical interactions. So why not voting? I’m in the latter group, but I have a specific legal reason why.    Continue reading