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National Day of Prayer

Editorial:  Faith is personal, but people of faith have fought and died for generations to protect and defend this secular state known as the United States of America.

As a Christian, I see faith under attack by popular culture daily failing in truth and honor. The answer is not rage or dispute. The answer, for my house, is prayer and all are encouraged to join the National Day of Prayer today, Thursday May 3. Continue reading

Online governor forum tonight

Analysis: The six Oklahoma Republicans campaigning for governor over the past year will meet tonight and you can watch online. They are set to appear at a forum sponsored by The Oklahoman at the Oklahoma City Museum of Art. will provide live streaming of the forum, with questions scheduled to begin at 6:30 p.m.

A total of 15 people filed for governor: 10 Republicans, two Democrats and three Libertarians. I bet at least seven filed as a bucket-list check off, but maybe a partridge in a pear tree can win. The serious nature of the job suggests filing is not the best time to begin a statewide campaign to reach over three million people.  Continue reading

Sen. Marco Rubio burns Oklahoma

Editorial:  Sen. Marco Rubio’s rally in Jenks was well attended by establishment Republicans. He resonated locally as a candidate for president in the days before the presidential primary, but that was before Rubio proved to be a self-absorbed immature twit. We had hope at the time that Rubio could be a leader for the future, but if he keeps attacking Rep. Jim Bridenstine – Rubio will likely never win a vote in Oklahoma.  Continue reading

Campaign attacks heating governor race

If you hate how vigorous policy debate has been replaced by identity branding, glittering generalities and disingenuous demagoguery absent fact, you will likely find outrage in the attacks of candidates for Oklahoma Governor Kevin Stitt and Gary Richardson.

Tulsa Today has questions of substance limiting our admiration for both men, but the OKC based editor owned web site weighs into fire and furry with a summary of both campaign’s distain for the other.  Continue reading