City Charter changes

Editorial Analysis: Tulsans may vote contrary to law Tuesday and the daily newspaper doesn’t think that is a significant enough issue to call to the public attention in their election summary. They are wrong.

David E. O’Meilia, City Attorney in an opinion 2017-03 released August 18, 2017 writes, “The City Attorney is unable to approve the legality of the Council’s Resolution submitting a proposed Charter amendment to the voters changing Charter restrictions on certain employee political activities.”   Continue reading

Early considerations in the Lt. Governor race

Oklahoma’s Lt. Governor Race 2018 features four announced Republicans and no Democrat. GOP contenders include former Oklahoma Republican Party Chair Matt Pinnell, current Oklahoma Corporation Commissioner Dana Murphy, State Senator Eddie Fields and Dominique Damon Block, Sr.

In an analysis of ethics reports for the period ending October 31, it appears that this race may well be one of the more interesting in the upcoming cycle.   Continue reading

Rep. Jim Bridenstine nomination advances

Rep. Bridenstine at his Nov. 1 confirmation hearing. Credit: NASA/Joel Kowsky/SpaceNews

U.S. Rep. Jim Bridenstine (R-OK Dist.1) advanced closer to becoming the administrator of NASA Wednesday as his nomination was approved by the Senate Commerce Committee over the objections of all Democrats in their ongoing rejection of civility.

Democrat obstruction of every Trump Administration nominee in this case resolved to a 14-13 vote to send Bridenstine’s nomination to the full Senate, where it will likely face the same irrational partisan opposition from Democrats. Continue reading

St. Gregory’s to suspend operations

SHAWNEE – The Board of Directors of St. Gregory’s University made the difficult, but necessary, decision on Wednesday to suspend operations of the university at the end of this semester, following the denial of their loan application to the U.S. Department of Agriculture.

Without this component in the financial plan, the ability to sustain the university at this point is not possible. The Board of Directors continues to work actively to resolve financial difficulties and to explore possible partnerships in order to move forward.   Continue reading

Mandating protection for girls softball

Should infield players be protected?

Missouri, recently mandated that all high school pitchers wear protective masks during softball games. Kentucky, went as far to mandate that all pitchers, first and third basemen also need to wear protective gear when on the field – so why isn’t Oklahoma taking protection seriously?

Are our young girls at risk? Continue reading