BOK Center #17 arena in America

Pollstar announced today their 2017 Mid-Year Top 200 Arena Venues based on ticket sales and BOK Center finished #17 in the United States and #40 in the world.  BOK Center was also the highest ranked arena in North America managed by SMG, the Philadelphia-based venue operator that manages over 230 facilities, nearly 70 arenas, and over 1.75 million seats worldwide.

The #17 ranking in the United States puts BOK Center right behind Wells Fargo Center (Philadelphia) who ranked #15 and right in front of Staples Center (Los Angeles) who ranked #19. Tulsa beat LA – its a fact.  Continue reading

It’s not about health care – it’s about control

As Congress struggles to do something about the ObamaCare disaster, Senators may be getting calls pleading, “Don’t take my healthcare away!” But the more influential voices will be whispering, “Don’t take my ObamaCare dollars away!”

The American Medical Association (AMA), for example, is urging people to call about “cuts” (constrained growth) to Medicaid.

Let’s get the terminology straight: The government cannot “take away” or “give” you health care. Caring for your health is something you do—or don’t do—yourself.  Continue reading

Trump Administration highlights DitchWitch

DitchWitch @ White House (Photo: Stephanie Chasez)

Today the Trump Administration celebrated American manufacturing by launching Made In America Week which honors the workers and companies who make “Made-in-America” the world standard for quality and craftsmanship.

DitchWitch of Oklahoma was one of the 50 state products on display during the Product Showcase on the South Lawn at the White House in Washington, D.C.     Continue reading

Government can’t fix healthcare

See current crisis in Venezuela for additional detail.

Video: Why is the government so bad at health care? Contrary to assertions by President Obama and his cronies Obamacare made health insurance costs go up, and access to medical services go down. The exact opposite of the promises.

Prager University provides the answer, but full warning here… those who worship government will not like it. Continue reading

Kevin Stitt announces for Governor

Tulsa businessman Kevin Stitt announced today his candidacy for the 2018 Oklahoma Gubernatorial race. The first-time candidate is founder and CEO of Gateway Mortgage Group (GMG).

“I am excited to announce my candidacy for the office of the Governor of Oklahoma. I’m not a politician, but I feel I have the qualifications and leadership skills to bring Oklahoma to the top, where we should be,” stated Stitt. Continue reading