Sen. Loveless studies civil asset forfeiture

Now under study, a bill by Oklahoma State Senator Kyle Loveless will reform the state’s civil asset forfeiture laws. Response from law enforcement has arched to hysterical as some say the change would make Oklahoma a safe haven for drug cartels and terrorist organizations. Supporters of forfeiture reform say law enforcement is stealing private property […]

Bill ensures due process in asset forfeiture

Sen. Kyle Loveless (R-Oklahoma City) today filed the Personal Asset Protection Act, SB 838, a bill aimed at restricting a practice known as civil asset forfeiture. This is a process which allows the government to seize cash, vehicles and other property used or gained from the commission of a crime without any charges being filed. […]

License-plate scanners planned for OK Hwy

Editorial Analysis: Do Oklahoma citizens really want state government photographing every license plate throughout the state? It’s all for a good cause. District Attorneys have taken some flack for operating as highway robbers – the civil asset forfeiture issue, click here for more, but the DAs say they need more money to pay staff and conduct prosecutions. They are not getting […]

Drive in left lane – have a nice pay

Editorial: While a smoke and mirror effort this year produced a budget OK Courts will likely soon blow up; don’t worry – conservative legislative  leadership did accomplish something meaningful. You may be stopped, lectured, inspected, judged, possibly impoverished and now ticketed $235.25 and court costs for driving in the left lane. Have a nice pay.

Illinois near bankrupt – how about OK?

At multiple meetings of Tulsa County Republican Clubs, grassroots activists are quizzing State Legislators on the state budget which appears to kick financial crisis down the road with one time tricks and “fees” that are, at least, questionable.  Some have drawn legal challenge. Oklahoma could learn from Illinois.