Stranding patients in SwampCare

The Swamp in D.C., and its crony capitalist retainers do not want to lose their grip on the trillions that slosh through the healthcare sector — approaching one-fifth of the U.S. economy.

The one thing that would cut costs (not just spending), restore sanity, protect the patient-physician relationship, unleash innovation, and encourage excellent care is to put patients in control of their own money.   Continue reading

President Trump’s tax cut benefits you

The Heritage Foundation has released a new research tool to show taxpayers in every Congressional District exactly how much President Donald J. Trump’s tax cut saves them this year and over time.

The average bottom line gains $26,000. Will you buy a new car? Is that a down payment on a house?  Forget average, what will residents of Oklahoma and the 1st Congressional District be able to keep or spend from their own pockets?  Continue reading

OK AG leads coalition defending prayer

OK Attorney General Mike Hunter

Attorney General Mike Hunter has authored a brief, urging a federal court to reject an appeal by the founder of an atheist activist group that claims he was discriminated against by the U.S. House of Representatives chaplain for not selecting him to give the opening prayer.

The brief, supported by 18 state attorneys general and governor of Maine, encourages the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit to uphold a 2017 lower court decision to allow legislative prayer and the chaplain’s decision determining who can give the prayer.  Continue reading

ATC benefit features legends

American Theatre Company is kicking off an exciting season and 49th year with an interactive night of dinner-tainment for patrons Saturday, August 11 at the Mayo Hotel.

The Legends of Hollywood benefit is designed around the glamor of Hollywood, featuring local performers as Hollywood icons.     Continue reading