A Streetcar undesired

Kansas City Streetcar

Analysis:  As Tulsans consider spending hundreds of millions of dollars for a streetcar system, proponents point to Kansas City as an example of a successful system. But the claims about Kansas City’s success are grossly overstated and voters reject the system almost every time they are given a chance. I hope Tulsa can learn from our misadventure.  Continue reading

Vote now on Brett Kavanaugh

Opinion: The last minute political based accusations against Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh are less than flatulence from ideologues. This is worse than a porn star and creepy lawyer lying. There is no morality left among Leftists or honor or truth or love of Liberty or law to say nothing of respect for due process.     Continue reading

Ivanka Trump tours NASA’s Space Center

Ivanka Trump spoke of her dream of space exploration as she toured NASA’s Johnson Space Center Thursday. Interestingly The Daily Mail, a British establishment media, highlighted her fashion “chic white suit and Mary Jane flats” equal to the science.

Ivanka, 36, visited with Republican Senator Ted Cruz, Administrator Jim Bridenstine, other officials and local students. Continue reading

Deep State undercover explain success

Project Veritas today released the third installment in an undercover video series unmasking the Deep State with founder James O’Keefe saying, “For years the public has been [largely unaware] of the permanent administrative state. Only recently have we begun calling it the ‘deep state.’ With this series, we begin exposing who these individuals undermining our government really are.”  Continue reading