Progressives train to take over Tulsa

The Incorruptibles, a political training organization working to get progressive candidates in the mold of Bernie Sanders elected to local office nationwide in 2018, brings its barnstorming message to Oklahoma on the weekend of January 19-21. The group will lead workshops in Oklahoma City, Tulsa and Norman.  Continue reading

Dems demagogue for criminal amnesty

Analysis:  Democrats are demanding that criminals be rewarded for using their children as human bridges to citizenship in the United States of America.

This is a public policy landmine President Barack Hussein Obama planted. After claiming it would be unlawful 22 times, Obama then broke the law – not the only time historians note, but significant in evil outcome for average Americans. Continue reading

MLK Day reflections

Editorial:  I personally miss Rev. Martin Luther King. Despite flaws, I admire the man for the principle and courage he showed repeatedly with passion in leadership publicly. I take his instruction seriously to judge by character rather than color when I fail in the Christian Faith which says not to judge at all.

I know from detailed study that Rev. King was a practicing Christian and American Patriot opposed to the Marxism, collectivism or communism today’s disinformationists try to paint him with in retrospect.   Continue reading

Black unemployment at lowest on record

In Friday’s jobs report, black unemployment reached a record low: 6.8 percent.

That’s the lowest black unemployment since the Bureau of Labor Statistics began tracking employment in 1972.  Surprisingly reported by the Washington Post, headline: “Trumps first year jobs numbers were very, very good.  Continue reading