Conservative Leadership Quandary

It is easy to be welcomed as a Liberal – just oppose freedom, capitalism, and individual responsibility then welcome the dream of a collective utopia imposed by government.  Conservatives, on the other hand, are known to demonize each other over specific policy subsets.  No other race exemplifies this self-destruction more than the primary race for Governor of Oklahoma.

Republicans are just beginning to remake the state after 100 years of Democrat control of the State Legislature, but, motivated by the Obama Administration’s anti-American policies, new face leadership hot to save the nation have engaged.  They don’t trust anyone who ever served prior to their own awakening.  They seem to demand loyalty to one train of thought, one policy, one group, one leader or the other with the result like uncovered popcorn cooking off in every direction.

Don’t worry America; Conservatives not desirous of leadership are much less inclined to fight each other.  So say poll results in the Oklahoma race.

Relatively new in politics and most often described as “angry” in tone; Randy Brogdon is mounting his first statewide race from his position as State Senator from Owasso, a growing Tulsa suburb city.  Borgdon positions himself to the right of the right and holds significant support.  

Brogdon supporters include many from the group that attempted to highjack the last State Republican Convention in behalf of Ron Paul.  Further, some of his loyalists have secured positions of authority within the Tulsa County Republican Office which has lead to multiple disputes with the State Party.

Brogdon is the author of SJR 10, otherwise known as the 10th Amendment Resolution. This resolution is designed to protect states rights and prevent the federal government from overexerting its legislative power.  He was also the first State Senator in 20 years to receive a 100% mark on the Conservative Vote Index.

The other Republican in this battle is Mary Fallin, long known as a conservative.  Fallin was first elected in 1990 as a member of the State Legislature, then as the first woman Lt. Governor from 1995 to 2006, and currently serves as U.S. Representative to Congress.  Mary Fallin was recently interviewed by Tulsa Today (click here to read that interview).

Fallin has been named a “Guardian of Small Business,” by the National Federation of Independent Business, a “Hero of the Taxpayer,” by Americans for Tax Reform, a “Friend of the Wildcatter” from the Oklahoma Independent Petroleum Association and received the “True Blue” award from Focus on the Family and the Family Research Council as well as the “Spirit of Enterprise” award from the U.S. Chamber of Commerce. She has a lifelong score of 96 from the American Conservative Union, the highest of any congressman in the Oklahoma delegation.

So who is winning Oklahoma hearts and minds at the moment?

A Rasmussen survey, conducted on February 24 among 500 likely voters, reports that Mary Fallin continues a significant advantage.  Fallin leads both Democrat candidates and, in a general election, is the only candidate to receive a majority percentage of the ballot share.  If the election were today, Fallin would beat OK Attorney General Drew Edmondson with a fifteen point advantage (51% – 36%) and Lt. Gov. Jari Askins by fourteen points (51% – 37%).  Again, both are Democrats currently serving in state office.

Rasmussen reports, sixty-two percent (62%) of likely voters have a “favorable” impression of Mary Fallin.  This is driven by twenty-six percent (26%), more than a quarter of the electorate, who report having a “very” favorable image of Fallin.  Thirty-one percent (31%) have an “unfavorable” image of Fallin – a 2:1 favorable to unfavorable ratio.

On Randy Brogdon the survey documented, “Just thirty-nine percent (39%) of voters have a favorable impression while thirty-two percent (32%) have an unfavorable image – a 1.2:1 favorable to unfavorable ratio.  In addition, twenty-nine percent (29%) do not have an impression or image of Brogden” at all.

One pollster concludes, “This data continues to emphasize Mary Fallin’s strong candidacy and likelihood that she will be the next governor of Oklahoma.  Her favorable rating and the very high level of awareness is a solid indicator that she is the frontrunner and enjoys a significant advantage over the other candidates in the race.”

At the Eric Clapton concert recently a young Republican woman was asking for my opinion of leadership within one party club.  She worried that she had not been involved all that long and, therefore, should not seek a leadership position.

I asked her, “Do you believe in the Constitution, free enterprise, and individual liberty?”

“Yes,” she answered without hesitation.

“Then welcome to the battle and don’t hesitate to lead the charge!”

She gave me hope for the future.  She holds the core beliefs and she can work in-group.  She sought advice not because she wanted to “be something,” but because she wanted to “do something” to benefit her community, state and nation.  There are more and more people like her each and every day.

We should thank the Obama Administration for this awakening and for not having a clue what is happening outside the Beltway of Political Narcissism.  They are still blaming people for being too stupid to understand their glorious collective plans.

David Axelrod was quoted in the New York Times March 6 saying he accepts some blame for what he called “communication failures,” though he acknowledges bafflement that the administration’s efforts to stimulate the economy in a crisis, overhaul health care and prosecute two wars have been so routinely framed by opponents as the handiwork of a big-government, soft-on-terrorism, politics-of-the-past ideologue.

“For me, the question is, why haven’t we broken through more than we have?” Mr. Axelrod said. “Why haven’t we broken through?”

Oh goodness, what simpleminded ideologues they must be.  Axelrod and President Obama have broken through alright and no matter how much Conservatives may seem to battle each other, our hearing and understanding is better than they think.  

Conservatives believe national Democrat policies are; threatening the currency, reducing our ability to produce more than we consume, and darkening the future of our children.  That’s all.  It may not be as important as Tiger Woods or the latest thunderstorm, but it is very important to an increasing number of voters.  Even as a heavily Democrat state with Conservatives fighting each other; Oklahoma is producing Democrat leadership like U.S. Representative Dan Boren.  Is the Left that oblivious?  Do we need to draw a map?

Rep. Boren said in a Fox News interview that he is opposed to Obamacare because of concerns that tax increases on small businesses and mandates on employers will lead to more job losses.

"They’ll have to walk across my dead body if they want my vote on this issue," Boren told Fox News on Wednesday.  "This is so galvanizing in my district.  I think the votes are not there and I don’t see where we get them."

Axelrod and his buddy President Obama should understand that Oklahoma has had national health care for decades.  It is called Indian Health Care and we know how that works with committees of non-medical tribal members deciding personal health choices for others. We get it.

Is Boren the beginning of a new Democrat Party?  Until an alternative is defined clearly "other than" Obama and his Left-wing friends, unaccountable spending, bribes, lies, self-interest plays, and political pay-offs – Conservative numbers will grow and voters will settle the wheat from the chaff.  Daily more pay attention.

Conservatives are wise enough to look deeper and, in majority, will not trade a demagogue who wraps himself in the glittering generalities of “hope and change” for a demagogue who wraps themselves in “patriotism and nationalism.”  

Pains felt within party leadership are minor and will sort themselves out at the polls in short order.  The great advantage for Conservative leadership, if it can pull together, is how clearly Democrats have defined the Left.