George Soros’ love troubles

Updated: Billionaire financier George Soros, credited with “Breaking the Bank of England” and who many believe is causing the current financial crisis in America, is being sued for $50 million by his former lover – a 28-year-old Brazilian soap star who claims he physically abused her and broke a promise to give her a Manhattan apartment.

Adriana Ferreyr claims her 80-year-old former boyfriend and the driving force in President Obama’s administration slapped her across the face and placed his hands around her neck in a bid to choke her while they argued in bed about the $1.9 million love nest.

The details of the split are to be aired in Manhattan Supreme Court, where Ferreyr yesterday filed her $50 million suit.

According to The Daily Mail reports, the actress was dating Soros for around five years. During that time he promised to give her an apartment at 30 East 85th Street, worth $1.9 million only one city block from Central Park.  But before she got the chance to take possession of the generous gift Soros abruptly called off the relationship.

Her lawsuit claims that, despite his “heartless” rejection, the couple briefly reignited their relationship, and that it was during a passionate night in bed that the billionaire let slip with a whisper in her ear that he had promised the apartment to another woman. Ferreyr reacted badly to this news and an ensuing argument allegedly turned violent.

The lawsuit states: “While still in bed, Soros slapped Ferreyr across the face and proceeded to put his hands around her neck in an attempt to choke her.” It goes on to assert that Soros allegedly threw a glass lamp at Ferreyr. It missed her but shattered on the floor and cut her foot, a wound which required three stitches.  The allegation is supported by a police report of the incident.  Ferreyr called the police, but did not file charges.

Soros’s lawyer William Zabel branded the lawsuit ‘frivolous and entirely without merit’.

Zabel told the New York Post, “Mr Soros did have an on-again, off-again and non-exclusive relationship with Ms Ferreyr. The complaint is riddled with false charges and is obviously an attempt to extract money from my client, who is a very wealthy man.

“George Soros did not slap, choke or throw a lamp at her,” Zabel said.

Soros and Ferreyr met at a Hamptons luncheon in 2006 and a relationship quickly ensued.  They enjoyed holidays all over the world, and Ferreyr was showered with gifts according to some reports, but Ferreyyr denies Soros was ever that generous.

Her lawsuit claims she had her heart set on the apartment in 30 East 85th St and claims that Soros, who lived just two blocks away, agreed to buy it for her.  But the ink had barely dried on the contract when Soros ended the relationship and allegedly gave the apartment to another woman, unnamed in court documents.

Some suggest that journalist Christiane Amanpour may be of interest to Soros.  Amapour is host of ABC News’ Sunday morning program “This Week” and sits on the board of directors for the left-wing Center for Public Integrity, which gets $3.7 million in Soros cash.

Ferreyr, a Columbia University student who found fame in Brazil on the soap opera Marisol in 2002, said she was devastated over being dumped.  Ferreyr has described her relationship with Mr Soros as “serious and meaningful.”

The lawsuit notes that Soros apologized for giving the apartment away and offered to buy Ferreyr another apartment, this one worth $4.3 million. But allegedly reneged on this promise as well.

Soros, began his professional life working for Adolph Hitler by expelling Jews from their property in Germany.  He has said for years that the problem with American government is that only Americans can vote.  Soros wrote November 8, 2009 that, “the world faces another stark choice between two fundamentally different forms of organization: international capitalism and state capitalism.  The former, represented by the United States, has broken down, and the latter, represented by China, is on the rise … While international cooperation on regulatory reform is difficult to achieve on a piecemeal basis, it may be attainable in a grand bargain that rearranges the entire financial order,” Soros wrote as one of the few individuals with private wealth exceeding the sovereign national wealth of most nations.  Soros’ Open Society Foundation supports one world government.

American media has been strangely quiet to date, but that may be in groveling respect of the $52 million Soros has spent on media operations since 2003.  In the August issue, Town Hall Magazine details amounts of what they brand “the dirty dozen of Soros’ media influence” which include the following:

Center for Public Integrity – $3,700,000
Pro Publica – $250,000
Media Consortium – $425,000
Think Progress (Center for American Progress) – $7,300,000
Center for Investigative Reporting – $1,145,600
Free Press – $1,435,000
Project Syndicate – $250,000
American Prospect – $875,000 (Media Consortium $425,000)
Alternet (Media Consortium)
Democracy Now (Media Consortium)
Brave New Films $100,000 (Media Consortium)

These are in addition to the much public Soros support of National Public Radio and think tanks that provide material to media and specific policy positions to President Obama’s administration.  The Town Hall article by Dan Gainor and Iris Somberg of the Media Research Center asserts, “Media outlets that get direct Open Society cash reach more than 330 million people each month.”  In short, Soros funds anti-Americans.

Ferreyr’s attorney, Robert Hantman, said it was unfortunate his client “had to resort to the courthouse, as it should have been resolved as a private matter. It will be up to the court to decide. It’s 1/7000th of his wealth.  She just wants what he promised her.”

One on Ferreyr’s female friends said Soros pulled out of the agreement to buy the apartment after she had worked hard to try to find it, labeling his actions “disrespectful.”

Selma Fonseca, 45, told the New York Daily News, “She did all the leg work finding the place and then he tossed her aside. You don’t do that to somebody and especially someone you have been with for five years. It’s disrespectful.”

Fonseca went on to say the relationship was as a fiery “War of the Roses.”

Ferreyr has refused to comment in detail on the case, stating simply: ‘It’s a private matter for me. I’m really busy with my schoolwork and am trying to focus on that.’