Your Christmas Blessing

As the Imperial Presidency of Barack Hussein Obama proves increasingly criminal with disregard for law that provides government with the Consent of the Governed, Tulsans held a Christmas Parade.  Uncounted individually; they massed – blocking traffic for miles in every direction.  On the parade site alone police estimated 18,000 thus dwarfing a competing Holiday Parade more than two-to-one in both audience and marching units.  

God did that with the readers of Tulsa Today and the good people of Northeastern Oklahoma.  Your attention is a Christmas Blessing of hope the media may ignore, but significant beyond measure for the nation as a whole.  

Tulsa Today’s first estimate of attendance was 15,000 on the ground with the same stuck in traffic, but as After Action Reports continue, it is more like 40,000 in total.  This for an event planned and executed in less than 60 days.  God did that.

As an organizer, this writer negotiated with the venue, venders, sponsors, and the City of Tulsa.  I managed the public information and media crisis response.  Tulsa Today was a sponsor and this office was the principal place of business for the Tulsa Christmas Parade.  However, no one person made this event successful.  God did.  

With significant local television coverage, support from the American Family Association, email, Facebook and individual effort, the word spread.  Business cards, flyers, and posters were passed to churches, schools, and retail businesses.  One-to-one it reverberated to become a water cooler casual question:  What do you think – Holiday or Christmas?

December 10, 2011 at 6 pm the question was answered.  Christmas is the reason for the season.  The Birth of Christ is the event Christians celebrate in Tulsa, Oklahoma the heart of America.

Tulsans in oil and gas taught the world to power the industrial revolution.  We have people of many faiths and all are welcome, but while one city, we are not of one faith.  

The daily newspaper has recently run many “letters-to-the-editor” from pagans, atheists and agnostics.  Even today on Christmas Eve one rails that “Christianity has shown me condemnation, intolerance and divisiveness,” but those bad behaviors were not what Christ taught.  The writer does not mention the killing of Christian Missionaries, wars against Christendom, the burning of Churches even today in Egypt or the generations of Christians that have fought and died to defend secular Western Civilization.  Many forget that Egypt was a Christian nation until Islam invaded. 

It’s ok.  God loves regardless and Christians in mass showed they know it December 10, 2011 in Tulsa.  

What a marvelous Christmas Blessing!

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