Democrats ignore inflation

Analysis: President Joe Biden declared that Wednesday’s Bureau of Labor Statistics report, logging the highest year-over-year price increases in FOUR DECADES (40 years), “shows a meaningful reduction in headline inflation over” the previous month. Apparently, no one in the administration understands economics or goes to the grocery store, buys gasoline, etc.

The latest Consumer Price Index report saw inflation jump to 7% over 12 months and comes on two consecutive jobs reports that fell far short of administration projections. Biden did not mention the 7% statistic directly in his statement responding to the report according to the Washington Examiner.

“Today’s report — which shows a meaningful reduction in headline inflation over last month, with gas prices and food prices falling — demonstrates that we are making progress in slowing the rate of price increases. At the same time, this report underscores that we still have more work to do, with price increases still too high and squeezing family budgets,” he wrote. “Inflation is a global challenge, appearing in virtually every developed nation as it emerges from the pandemic economic slump.”

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He added that “America is fortunate that we have one of the fastest growing economies — thanks in part to the American Rescue Plan — which enables us to address price increases and maintain strong, sustainable economic growth. That is my goal and I am focused on reaching it every day,” The Examiner reported.

National Economic Council Director Brian Deese added on MSNBC that people should “focus” on the economic progress achieved under the administration, specifically rising wages.

Oh yes, great and wise leaders; let us focus on how little our wages increase compared to how fast prices on everything rise.

Never mind that increasing government spending fires inflation.

Mr. President; you senile old-as-dirt criminal sorry stack of stupid – please, just take another billion for your family from China and shut the frack up or take a cognitive test, because Brandon, we think you lost it.

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