Lessons: The 9-Month COVID ‘Emergency’

The exciting medical lesson that we should learn is that viral diseases are treatable.

The political lessons are that the government takeover of healthcare persists long after the 15-days-to-flatten-the-curve emergency is over, and medical technocracy is disastrous to both health and freedom. It is blocking the use of the methods used in countries that have had a 75 percent lower mortality rate.

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TPS board member urges cancer screening

Dr. Jerry Griffin, Tulsa School Board Member – District 6 announced today that he has been diagnosed with Cancer of the prostrate.  This disease is a result of his service in South Vietnam and exposure to Agent Orange.

Griffin assured Tulsans that this condition will not interfere with his duties and responsibilities as a Tulsa School Board Member.

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Oklahoma Medal of Freedom awarded

Senate Majority Leader Kim David is the latest to receive the Oklahoma National Guard’s highest civilian honor—The Oklahoma Medal of Freedom.  David, the wife and mother of current and former guard members, was honored for her work in the Senate over the past decade on behalf of the Oklahoma National Guard and its members. Previous recipients of the prestigious award include former governors George Nigh, Frank Keating and Brad Henry.

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Victim to Defender: To #SavetheChildren

Waiting on the patio of a Tulsa restaurant, Shannon Duke is a striking woman, tall but not imposingly. Dressed smartly but casually with long, dark hair pulled back in a ponytail. Smiling, she greeted me with a friendly hug. After placing an order and exchanging small talk, we got down to the reason for our meeting – her effort to save children from sex trafficking.

She mentioned “unveiled secret” and I asked her to explain.

“Unveiled secret is (revealing) stuff that people don’t want to talk about in society, the hushed (truth). Once you reveal a predator or something we don’t want to look at, you have to acknowledge the fact that it does exist, that it’s not just on a movie screen or in someone else’s world,” Duke said.

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Changes to Waterfowl Blind site drawings

The Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation has announced that drawings for seasonal waterfowl blind sites have changed because of COVID-19. Now new procedures will be followed to comply with state and federal health guidelines. Information in the 2020-21 Hunting and Fishing Regulations Guide has been superseded by the following new procedures.

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