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Conservatives on insurrection

Conservatives believe the real American Insurrection occurred November 3, when key states went dark and came back with highly questionable election results. Thus, January 6 was just a demonstration of disgust with some trespass and other misdemeanors by people, but with possible incitement by the FBI, apparent murder by Capitol Police and disinformation by other officials. Yet America’s troubles began much earlier.

Tucker Carson recently highlighted these and other fundamental issues with an incisive take from Darryl Cooper @martyrmade and the video follows.

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Democrats “Defund” police then spin

In a surreal moment absent truth, the Biden Administration, Democrat activists and mouthpiece media are suggesting Republicans want to “defund” police apparently because the GOP did not support the massive “Infrastructure Package” which never mentioned police. Fortunately has provided a list of the many times Democrats, not Republicans, have supported defunding police. notes, “Democrats have been rallying to defund the police for more than a year, and simultaneously, crime has drastically risen in America’s biggest — Democrat-run — cities.” A list of those cities follows.

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IRS: Bible teachings affiliated with GOP

Bunni Pounds, Christians Engaged

Christians Engaged received a non-profit rejection letter May 18, 2021, from U.S. Internal Revenue Service, Exempt Organizations Director Stephen A. Martin saying the group “engage[s] in prohibited political campaign intervention” and “operate[s] for a substantial non-exempt private purpose and for the private interests of the [Republican] party.”

Martin alleged in his letter that the group does not meet requirements for tax exemption because biblical causes favor the Republican Party. Does this prove Democrats are Anti-Faith (Christian, Hebrew and Muslim all share some Biblical text) or just straight up Communists? Has anyone told President Biden who asserts his political ideology is based on his religious beliefs? Quick, wake him up from nap-time and let’s ask!

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Defector:“Even North Korea isn’t this nuts”

Multiple media outlets are reporting North Korean Defector Yeonmi Park’s shock that, “she viewed the US as country of free thought and free speech – until she went to college here.”

Yeonmi Park attended Columbia University and was immediately struck by what she viewed anti-Western sentiment in the classroom and a focus on political correctness that had her thinking “even North Korea isn’t this nuts.”

The 27-year-old told The Post that she couldn’t believe she would be asked to do “this much censoring of myself” at a university in the United States. “I literally crossed the Gobi Desert to be free and I realized I’m not free, America’s not free,” she said.   

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34 Candidates murdered in Mexico

Killed while campaigning for Mayor

As the Biden Administration effectively eliminates our Southern Border, Tulsa Today morns Alma Barragan, killed while campaigning for mayor of Moroleon in the violence-plagued Guanajuato state of Mexico – this makes 34 candidates (to date) murdered nationwide ahead of upcoming 6 June elections.

According to Sky News, Ms Barragan was running on the ticket of the Citizen’s Movement party, which in a statement said, “It is unthinkable that participating in political life means putting one’s life at risk. This is the most violent election in Mexican history… and we are not willing to act as if that is normal.

Of course most American media cannot be bothered, but the killing occurred the same day she posted a Facebook Live video sharing her exact whereabouts – inviting voters to come and speak to her.

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