Oklahoma Remembers 9/11

Editorial: Oklahoma Elected Officials are attending memorials and issuing statements on the attack 22 years ago that changed the world as we had known it. When the first plane hit, I called a friend, and we went to Brookside by Day and watched there as the second plane hit. It was a hard day.

But, as traumatic as it was, do Americans truly understand that we are still under attack? America has always been a target of Communists, Fascists, and Democrats who often damn us in despicable rhetoric for what they themselves do. It is a common criminal tactic used frequently by authoritarians.

Saturday September 9 a group of communist revolutionaries burned multiple American flags outside a Jason Aldean concert in Chicago and this follows a September 7 California School Board Meeting appearance by the same Revolutionary Communist Party. One of their members shouted, for anyone “with humanity for LGBTQ people” to “get ready for a revolution to overthrow this whole system that gave birth to this White supremacy and this male supremacy.”

In short, the war is here, but legacy media still doesn’t have a clue even as they report the incidents.

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OSBI Confirms Court & DA Concealed Records

The article published today by V1SUT Vantage is shocking. In 2023 Americans daily see a two-tier justice system in many Democrat Party controlled cities, but this story proves a multi-tier justice system in Bartlesville, Oklahoma. Apparently, courthouse officials hide “Alphabet Mafia Crime.”

Bartlesville, in Washington County, is a beautiful small city nestled in the rolling hills of Northeast Oklahoma. It enjoys an upper middle-class lifestyle made possible for decades by corporate giant ConocoPhillips. This unique progressive community heralds the Price Tower (a Frank Lloyd Wright 19-story landmark), OK Mozart, thriving artistic outlets and many Christian Congregations.

They also have an active, if not militant, LGBT community that has embedded key players into the power structure of the court system and elected public office. They have generated national publicity for using courts to silence opposition to public drag shows that allow attendance by minor children.

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Drummond South Ranch for Sale

It is a stunning property, huge, historic, and owned by the family of Oklahoma’s current Attorney General, but why, after 100 years, would it go up for sale? Some speculate the McGirt Decision or the new feature movie, “Killers of the Flower Moon,” may have come into consideration. Others suggest it is economics or aging leadership or could it be politics? Over 8,000 acres are under fence, just a thirty-minute drive from Tulsa.

From ethics reports, Attorney General Gentner Drummond loaned his campaign millions. In Oklahoma, you can earn 10% on that money as it may be paid back from contributors, but that is a lot of money out-of-pocket by any standard. Is this property sale to pay campaign debt or finance a bid for governor?

AG Drummond was the beneficiary of dark money with tribal connections and outright donations from tribal leaders. Is it possible that from his personal perspective, the McGirt Decision may return ownership of land to native tribes? That happened in South Africa where land owned for generations by farmers was given to native people once the South African Courts got involved. Is all Northeast Oklahoma, to say nothing of Tulsa, at risk? Does the family see writing on the wall?

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Intensive Ivermectin: 74% Lower Deaths

Analysis: A new peer-reviewed study published by Cureus (Part of Springer Nature Group) August 8 found a 74 percent reduction in excess deaths in 10 states in Peru with the most intensive ivermectin use over a 30-day period following peak deaths during the COVID-19 pandemic. This is contrary to past public health official assertions for treatment.

When ivermectin was available without restriction, there was a fourteenfold reduction in nationwide excess deaths. Once access to ivermectin was restricted by the government, a thirteenfold increase in excess deaths was observed in the two months following the limitation of its use. The findings align with summary data from the World Health Organization for the same time period in Peru.

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OU gets national attention – wrong

The University of Oklahoma recently made national news—for the wrong reasons.

An investigation by The Wall Street Journal found that some of the United States’ best-known public universities “have been on an unfettered spending spree” with the bill “passed” on to students—and OU was identified as one of the worst offenders.

Between 2002 and 2022, the Journal found enrollment at OU increased 15 percent, but tuition increased by 36 percent even after adjusting for inflation. And, once student fees were included, the combined rate of growth was even more dramatic.

“At the University of Oklahoma, per-student tuition and fees rose 166%, the most of any flagship,” the Journal reported.

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