OK Tax Cuts on the Table

Analysis: Would you like to pay less taxes? I’d like to pay less taxes. Who wouldn’t? For the 2024 Oklahoma Legislative Session, everyone is talking about a tax cut, and several proposals are flying through the halls of the Capitol.

Gov. Kevin Stitt has asked the Legislature to pass a tax cut of 0.25 to lower the state income tax from 4.75% to 4.5%. The reduction in tax collections would be approximately $250 million.

The leaders in the Senate have wisely discussed caution to await the latest financial analysis on tax collection projections that come out this month. They would like to see the effects of the tax reductions for both personal and corporate income taxes that passed two years ago.

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Purple Martins Return, First Sighting in OK

In a sure sign that spring is not far behind, the first Purple Martins of the year have been spotted in Purcell, Oklahoma. The arrival, cheered by the Purple Martin Conservation Association in a national release today, reminds that Purple martins, the largest swallows in North America, became acclimated to the dried gourds hung by Native Americans and handcrafted birdhouses designed by European colonists. The prevalence of these ready-made houses, coupled with the decline of natural cavities, has changed the behavior of the species. Now, only man-made nests will do and it’s time for landlords to hoist the homes.

The birds were seen on February 8 in Purcell by a Purple Martin enthusiast – one of many throughout the eastern and central United States who track and report on the birds’ annual migration on behalf of the Association. The migration of these unique birds can be reported and tracked through a community science project called the Scout-Arrival Study. 

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Google has Usurped Democracy

Across the globe, fair elections no longer exist.

We hear a lot about “election integrity” or lack thereof, particularly around the issues of counting the vote and the ballot box. But the truth is that elections are more likely to be stolen via search engine manipulation effects (SEME).

In a series of randomized controlled experiments, it has been shown that more than 20% of undecided voters can be manipulated into voting one way or the other, by simply manipulating the rankings of search engine results.

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Bill to Protect Firearm Suppressors

Hunter hearing and rural quiet will be advanced in Oklahoma in addition to manufactures’ liberty if a new bill is approved as written. Senate Bill 1551, by Sen. George Burns, R-Pollard, is a measure aimed at safeguarding firearm suppressors manufactured within Oklahoma from federal regulations.

SB 1551 provides that a firearm suppressor manufactured and remaining in Oklahoma shall not be subject to federal law or federal regulation.

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Riley Gaines Swimming Against Injustice

Riley Gaines, the Ambassador for the Independent Women’s Forum and 12x NCAA All-American Swimmer spoke Friday at a Women For Tulsa event at the River Spirit Resort. It was an inspiration for many.

Forced to swim against a male swimmer in the 2022 NCAA Championships, Gaines tied the larger male at the contest, but the male, identifying as Lia Thomas, took home the trophy even though Gaines was ranked higher nationally. Thomas, the first openly transgender athlete to win an NCAA Division I national championship is now suing World Aquatics in the international Court of Arbitration for Sport for its refusal to let Thomas compete in the women’s category.

Gaines, with the full support of her school, turned injustice to advocacy and set an example of what personal courage means. The twenty-three-year-old athlete fights publicly for Title 9, the landmark federal civil rights law enacted as part of the Education Amendments of 1972 to prohibit sex-based discrimination in any school.

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