Cherokee reconciliation with Freedmen grows

Reception hosted for new exhibit exploring Black slavery in tribe’s history.

On the 70th annual Cherokee National Holiday, Cherokee Nation stood firm in its commitment to reconciliation for Cherokee Freedmen and their descendants.

A special reception was held immediately following the tribe’s State of the Nation address to commemorate the new exhibit at the Cherokee National History Museum.

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Attack on ex-girlfriend sentenced

US Attorney Clint Johnson

A 28-year-old Tulsa man was sentenced in federal court for breaking into a former girlfriend’s home and strangling her in a 2021 Mother’s Day attack, U.S. Attorney Clint Johnson announced today.

U.S. District Judge Stephen J. Murphy III sentenced Anthony Lamont Mason II to 84 months in federal prison followed by three years of supervised release.

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Labor of love recognized

Joanna George

From age 15, Tulsan Joanna George provided primary care for her grandmother, which was drastically different from the daily life most teenagers know. Her daily routine included feeding and diapering an older adult. George said, “At times my schedule giving care felt like a liability, but I loved my grandmother very much.”

From that love George found a career, mission, and passion for geriatric medicine that her supervisors in academia discovered held a unique insight into their dataset because of her lived experiences as a caregiver. This also empowered her to advocate for other caregivers by talking openly about her own challenges with caring for a medically frail adult.

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OK Legal help for parents on school issues

The State of Virginia set a national prairie fire on the relationship between schools, school boards and parents of children attending public schools. Virginia Governor Younkin premised his successful campaign on putting parents in the driver’s seat when it came to education.

Oklahoma’s education regulations are complex and designed to make it hard for parents to be involved with a meaningful voice in the administration of their children’s schools.

That’s about to change.

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OK Electricity prices surge

A newly released report from the U.S. Energy Information Administration reveals that Oklahoma’s electricity prices are climbing at the fastest rate in the nation. From June 2021 to June 2022, electricity prices surged from 7.3 cents per kilowatt hour to 10.87 cents per kilowatt hour across all sectors (residential, commercial, industrial, and transportation).

That 49 percent increase is the largest percentage increase experienced by consumers in any state. Among all 50 states and the District of Columbia, the average electricity cost increase across all sectors was just 14 percent.

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