Parents Guide Gen. Z in Job Search

In a recent survey, quizzed 1,428 U.S. based Gen. Zers (ages 18-27) who have looked for a job in the past year to understand how much they rely on their parents when job searching.

Study highlights released yesterday:

  • 70% of Gen Zers ask their parents for help in the job search process
  • Of those who found a job, 83% credit success to parents
  • 25% of Gen Zers brought their parents to interviews
  • 16% say their parents submitted job applications for them
  • 1 in 10 had their parents write their resume 
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OK Defiance of Global Tyranny

Sen. Dusty Deevers, R-Elgin, in a media release today is calling on the legislature to defend Oklahoma’s sovereignty against the creeping influence of global governance. If passed Oklahoma Senate Bill 426, by Rep. Rick West, R-Heavener, and Sen. George Burns, R-Pollard, would be a defiant stand against the encroaching powers of international bodies like the WHO, UN, and WEF. This legislation is a declaration of independence from authoritarian global tyrants who unashamedly oppose and threaten American liberties, and it boldly asserts that international directives shall have “no force or effect” to undermine the laws or sovereignty of Oklahoma.

Highlights of Senate Bill 426:
● State vs. Global Authority: SB 426 allows WHO recommendations, not WHO dictates. Sets a firm boundary against international control over Oklahoma’s laws and freedoms.
● Prompted by Presidential Moves: Addresses the threat of WHO treaties that President Biden is expected to endorse on May 27.
● Following Louisiana: The Louisiana Senate recently passed a bill nearly identical to SB 426 in a bipartisan and unanimous 37-0 vote.

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The Cost of Illegal Invasion

How much money does illegal immigration cost the taxpayers of Oklahoma and the people of the United States? Billions upon billions of dollars. I have never figured out a way to accurately come up with an estimate, but it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure the sums are astronomical.

Now, I don’t particularly blame the millions of people pouring into America to seek out a better life for themselves and their families. The blame, of course, lies with Joe Biden who basically declared after he was elected that “the southern border is open! Come on in!”

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Sentenced for Sex with Minor

U.S. Attorney for the Northern District of Oklahoma Clinton J. Johnson reports that U.S. District Judge John F. Heil, III sentenced Lee Finch, II, 49, of Houston, Texas, for Coercion and Enticement of a Minor and Travel[ing] with Intent to Engage in Illicit Sexual Conduct. Judge Heil ordered that Finch serve 180 months imprisonment, followed by lifetime supervised release. Upon his release, Finch will also be required to register as a sex offender.

According to court records, Finch started coercing and abusing the 12-year-old victim in Jun. 2016 during “sleepovers” at his house. In Sep. 2016, Finch moved to Houston, Texas. He would travel back to Tulsa to have sexual intercourse with the minor. From Jun. 2017 through Feb. 2018, the abuse continued while the minor victim lived with Finch and his family in Houston, Texas. When the minor victim relocated back to Tulsa, Finch continued the abuse through sexually explicit text messages that corresponded with flight records back to Tulsa. 

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Deceptive Data in OK Common Education

In a significant exposure of data “redefinition” today a V1SUT on Substack analysis begins with questions, “If someone told you your child’s school district had a 95.7% Academic Achievement rating, how would you feel? If you then learned that only 46.6% of students at the same district scored as proficient or better on state testing, would that change your view of the district’s performance?”

Understanding public data from your child’s school and district is second only to actively participating in your child’s education journey. Interpreting the available data year-to-year is complicated. In many cases, education officials have changed “public facing” reports to deflect and defuse public criticism.

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