John Fitzpatrick announces for Tulsa County Sheriff

Conservative Republican John Fitzpatrick, a lifelong Tulsa resident and Tulsa Police Reservist with over fourteen years of service to the country as a Tulsa Air National Guard fighter pilot, will seek to replace Sheriff Stanley Glanz next year. Fitzpatrick, a Tulsa native with a strong personal commitment to both city and county municipalities, brings a […]

Absolutely politics on Christmas Parade

Opinion/Analysis: While it may surprise some readers; Tulsa elitists are predominately leftists frequently attacking Christians specifically and conservatives generally. In latest proof, progressive pundit, Barry Fried-man, is empowered by Editor Natasha Ball and Publisher Jim Langdon to pontificate under a “News” banner the most factually inaccurate set of bull droppings ever to hit print on […]

Dr. King: Religious Freedom a civil and human right

Yesterday the SCOTUS heard arguments on two cases, Hobby Lobby and Conestoga Woods, regarding their lawsuits against the HHS Mandate. Fr. Frank Pavone, National Director of Priests for Life, led prayers with other pro-life leaders and religious freedom advocates at a rally in front of the Supreme Court Building in support of Hobby Lobby and […]

Freedom of Religion debated

One of the most controversial provisions of ObamaCare — the mandate requiring employers to cover contraception — was debated before the Supreme Court today, as activists on both sides of the issue clashed outside the courtroom in Washington. The justices appeared divided in the case, which is the highest-profile challenge to the health care law […]

Supreme Court petitioned on birth control

In a story by Jonathan Easley today The Hill is reporting that Hobby Lobby has petitioned the Supreme County to take up a case it won on the birth control mandate. The mandate requires most employers to cover a range of birth control methods for their workers and Hobby Lobby’s lawyers have argued “the case […]