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Tulsa Today is the oldest independent local online news service in the world.  Publisher David Arnett established this domain as a diverse platform for news, events and opinions online in 1996.

Arnett was once a daily news reporter covering City Hall for the Tulsa Tribune and has been a staff writer, editor, and managing editor for many print and online news organizations.  Arnett won two national awards as a First Amendment Publisher, hosted a call-in talk show for a year on KRMG, and provides communications consulting.  He has never been accused of a mistake of fact, but his opinions are frequently debated throughout the city.  Arnett writes news, opinion and technical material commercially and identifies politically as a Traditional Republican.

The crew here is of-the-right, based in one of the most liberal cities in Oklahoma irritating the local power-elite on a regular basis. Arnett also publishes Straight Up on Substack which is distributed to over 3,100 free and paid subscribers.

If you have news, contact us.  If you have a passion to write, contact us.  If you want to know more about Tulsa, contact us.  If you have a communications project(s) that would benefit from talented creative people, contact us.  We are writers – we write for food, fun and profit.  We tell the truth as we see it.  We speak truth to power without fear or favor.  We believe in God, Country, Community, and the good people of Oklahoma. We engage on the field of public debate for our people and generations to come.

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  1. Steve Narisi

    I’m trying to reach Tracy Crain concerning the Sweet Sweet Connie story. Would you happen to have her email or would you pass along my email to her?

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