Shooting rage leaves two pre-teens dead

A deadly weekend shooting claimed the lives of two Tulsa children, left another fighting for life, and has accelerated the Tulsa Police investigative machine into high-gear.  Tulsa Police are searching statewide for Joshua Elijah Muller, 33, the subject of three arrest warrants for two counts of murder in the first degree and an additional count of shooting with intent to kill.

Police say the murders are the result of an earlier incident that took place at the Rose Room, a well known night club in the 1700 block of North Lewis that police say has been a consistent source of trouble.

According to police, Muller’s wife had gone to the club with two 12 year-old girls.  At some point, while the woman and the girls were at the club, an altercation broke out that included Muller’s wife being assaulted in the club’s parking lot.  During the assault, the two girls left.  After the assault, Muller’s wife claimed her wallet had been taken by one of the girls and alerted Muller.


Police say that Muller and his wife went in search of the girls and found them in a parking lot of a convenience store just a couple of blocks north of the nightclub.  The girls were in a Dodge Durango and had been joined by 16 year-old Derrico Ross. Reports indicate that Muller rammed his car into the Durango and then returned moments later armed with an AR-15 assault rifle.  Police say Muller opened fire into the car, killing Ross and 12 year-old Leah Fuqua.  Muller’s spree also struck the second 12 year-old girl now in critical condition.  Police have asked that her name not be released for her own security.

When police arrived they found the bodies of the two kids and the shell casings that painted a clear scene of violent death.  Witnesses on the scene provided the pieces of information that helped police recreate what had happened. 

Police say that Muller is now on the run and may be in the Lawton area. 

“He was seen somewhere in Comanche County earlier today,” Willingham said. “There’s detectives looking for this guy hard and heavy.”

Police are warning the public that Muller is considered armed and dangerous and say that he has survival skills.  Police report that Muller has family in the Lawton, OK area and also in Florida and might still be driving a red 1998 Dodge Ram with Oklahoma tag 569-CAU.

If Muller is found, he could face the death penalty.  His surviving teen victim clings to life in a Tulsa hospital.