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Rep. Hern Talks Trump

US Rep. Kevin Hern (R-OK 1st. Dist.) joined constituents for breakfast Saturday June 15 in uptown Tulsa and spoke about meeting with Donald J. Trump and Republican Congressional leadership.

“I wish everyone in America could know Donald Trump in a personal setting,” Hern began. “He could come in here and have a conversation with you. He connects with people. That is why he has such large crowds at his rallies. The media can go crazy with excerpts, but you don’t get the full impact.

“We were sitting in a room with people – everybody [on Capital Hill] was there – but there were a couple of people sitting next to me that haven’t endorsed Trump and he hasn’t endorsed them, but Trump connected with them. Some liken him to Ronald Reagan in being able to cut through media filters and connect with people personally.

“I believe Trump is the Everyday Person’s President,” Hern said.

US Rep. Kevin Hern (R-OK 1st. Dist.)
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Shelley Gwartney for Senate Dist. 33

The recent debate in Senate District 33 was covered here on Tulsa Today. This south and west Broken Arrow and some east Tulsa district features four Republican candidates in the primary and the winner will face Democrat Bob Willis. The district is 55% Republican and less than 30% Democrat.

Tulsa Today endorses Shelley Gwartney for District 33, an affirmation of the person endorsed – not necessarily a criticism of other candidates. Gwartney is a Christian Conservative Republican with an accomplished background as a businesswoman in organizational management, infrastructure, and communications. She’s a woman of faith, devoted mother, and trusted community leader.

The Gwartney Family
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Election Challenge In Osage County

Tuesday June 18, Osage County will face a clear choice between the establishment political structure or a group of citizen civil servants. At issue are allegations of crime and mismanagement by public officials that, in part, are before the courts. The chief manipulators behind the scenes include Osage County District Attorney Mike Fisher, the Pawhuska Journal-Capital paper, and a lack of attention by the Oklahoma Attorney General’s Office (funny that with a Drummond in office).

This writer has a heart for Osage County, with family voting in this election, and investigative stories under consideration. We support the people’s candidates.

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Cherokee Vote Today

Cherokee Nation Tribal Councilor Joe Deere this morning responded to a question about how he will vote in the special election June 15th, 2024. The question is whether the Tribe should call a constitutional convention.

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