Bodyworx offers new weight-loss patch

A Tulsa day spa is now able to offer its customers an alternative weight-loss method that could make it easier for them to “adhere” to a healthy lifestyle – and it’s as simple as applying a patch once a day. 

Bodyworx Healthcare Centre and Day Spa, 3020-D South Harvard Avenue, is the first in Tulsa to carry “The Fat Loss Patch.” Developed five years ago, its popularity is spreading and the product has been featured in many recent health news segments.

Bodyworx owner Mary Cook said customers who have tried it are happily reporting their losses.

“It’s actually a form of fat management support,” said Cook.  “We’re not promoting a ‘quick fix’ to weight loss.  The Patch just assists the body’s natural metabolism to burn body fat, and it’s all natural.”


“The Patch” is a thermogenic nutritional supplement which works by creating internal body heat – thermogenesis – to burn body fat for a leaner loss.  Using the latest in transdermal technology, each patch delivers the three main nutrients to help normalize the body’s fat-burning response and offset factors which predispose people to obesity.

The product’s three main components include forskolin, chromium and guarana.  Forskolin enhances the body’s ability to isolate stored fat molecules and accelerate their breakdown – a process called lipolysis – and assists in an assortment of biochemical, enzymatic and thermogenic activating processes. 

Chromium – the patch’s “sugar-buster” – promotes insulin-mediated carbohydrate metabolism.  The body stores fat when it is resistant to insulin, and chromium helps to offset insulin insensitivity.  The mineral has also been known to suppress the appetite and curtail the body’s craving for sweets.

Guarana is a natural herbal extract which has been noted to improve mood, concentration and attention span, alertness, physical stamina and impulse control.  It stimulates energy, encourages greater weight loss in the obese, improves fat loss in persons on a low-calorie diet, and increases the loss of fat mass rather than lean body mass.  While too much guarana overstimulates the nervous system and stresses the body, the proper amount aids the forskolin and chromium in optimal efficiency.

“It is absolutely not a drug,” said Cook, adding that while “The Patch” allows users to safely increase their energy levels, the product contains no artificial stimulants.

 Cook said it usually takes between a few weeks and three months to experience significant changes. 

“Everybody’s different, and there’s no way to predict how quickly the user will notice fat reduction,” she said.  “Some people may be tempted to give up if they don’t see immediate and drastic results as far as actual pound loss, but we urge them to keep in mind that they’re retaining lean muscle – which is heavier than the fat they’re losing.”

She said it is vital that users not measure weight loss success solely by stepping on the scales, and stresses the importance of taking actual body measurements before beginning the program, whether self-administered or undertaken as a spa package.

“Our Fat Loss Patch patrons are weighed at the start of the program, but we urge them not to weigh again for at least three weeks,” Cook said.  “With the Patch, inch loss is valued over weight loss.”

“The Patch” is available in two strengths: the Basic Fat Loss Patch and the Power Fat Loss Patch, which offers 50 percent more forskolin and two additional nutrients, including hydroxtryptophan, a natural amino acid which helps suppress the appetite and reduce the body’s craving for sweets and carbohydrates, and diiodotyrosine, to optimize the thyroid’s fat-burning ability and helps to preserve lean muscle.  While many diet pills have a limited time-release capacity, the ingredients in each Patch are released slowly and evenly over a 24-hour period.

Patch users are provided with simple suggestions to enhance their results, including drinking plenty of water and eating plenty of fruits and vegetables, eliminating alcohol consumption and boosting mineral intakes.

“We’re not asking for a major lifestyle change,” said Cook.  “Many of these little changes can be implemented without turning things completely inside out.”

Bodyworx Healthcare Centre and Day Spa also offers massage therapy, acupressure and aromatherapy, facials, nail and eyelash services, and body hair waxing.   The spa also carries a variety of cosmetics and natural beauty products.

Bodyworx Health Centre and Day Spa is open 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. Tuesday through Friday, and from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. on Saturday; the spa is closed on Sundays and Mondays.  Appointments are preferred, and gift certificates are available.

For more information on The Fat Loss Patch, contact Mary Cook at Bodyworx at (918) 744-8250, or visit the Web site at  Enter the name “bodyworx” at the prompt.