Travel Tulsa in style

Hitch a ride around the Tulsa metropolis in a cycle rickshaw.  Think of a horse drawn carriage without the horse. 
"It’s a mountain bike with a comfort seat attached to a large fiber glass body that has a bench seat. We have two cabs. The smaller cab fits two adults and the larger cab can seat three," Owner of Golzern Pedicabs, Beth Henretty said.
Beth, along with her husband and business partner Joe Henretty — can be spotted all over Tulsa and Jenks at all kinds of events, cycling their pedicabs.

Chances are if you attended the Tulsa State Fair this year, Mayfest or the any of the Tulsa University home football games this year, you may have spotted them. Pedaling their pedicabs, with smiling faces provided by riders in the back and people passed along the way.

This December Beth and Joe are offering something they guarantee will be extra special during the Holidays – Christmas Lights Tours. You can bundle up under warm blankets while inside the pedicab. A canopy will help break the wind from your face while you enjoy Christmas light displays.

"If you’ve already seen enough Christmas lights this season — they also have other tours, like — a Tulsa Downtown Art Deco Tour, Tulsa Mansions Tour and a RiverWalk Crossing Tour or, if someone would like to plan their own, they can", Beth said.

Beth and Joe’s pedicabs can also be rented for lunch outings, concerts, weddings and special occasions, too. They originally charged $50 per hour for both pedicabs and their labor, but Beth says they occasionally during special events work on tip base where the riders name their prices.
"Cold weather doesn’t detour us," Beth said.

Weather can sometimes be a factor when they give rides. No one wants to ride a bike in the snow, ice or rain. Also some areas are harder to cycle then others, bumpy roads or hills can cause problems when riding, Beth added.

On the brighter side, people shouldn’t worry about traffic when hitching a ride with Beth and Joe. They do their best to avoid roads with traffic and for their tours they pick designated area where they know cycling their pedicabs will be safe.

"We get to meet people and exercise. It’s a win, win for all of us," Beth said.
The Henrettys love cycling. The idea of “pedicabing” came while visiting RiverWalk Crossing in Jenks just after it had been built and seeing people ride up and down the river trails. The couple was inspired to take their cycling skills and turn it into a money-maker.
However, this business did not come easy to Beth and Joe. "Trial and error," Beth said. It took the couple a year of brain storming and Internet searches to perfect their idea.

Eventually the pair purchased two pedicabs and began their hobby turned business at the very place they came up with the idea — RiverWalk Crossing. They offer rides every summer.

Right now, the Beth and Joe are looking forward to celebrating three-years of pedicab cycling. "People are really excited about this. I think, Tulsa needed to do something like this for a long time," Beth said.

If you would like to hitch a ride with Beth or Joe log onto or by call 850-7697 or 850-7695.

Business’s can also get involved with pedicabing. You can put your company’s signs or logo on the back of the cab for $100 dollars a month, Beth added.

About the Author:
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