Coin challenge: Find the good

Founders of the “Character Coin” began a challenge this week aimed at Tulsa area businesses with a simple goal, “increase positive dialogue in Tulsa and surrounding communities.”
Character Coin was created last year based on the question “What if we all focused on the positive instead of the negative?”  Character Coin is the first program designed for corporate, community, and educational settings with the sole purpose of rewarding and acknowledging positive character.  The goal of the program is to actively focus on the positives in others.  In addition, the program fits hand in hand with the ongoing community character program already in place in communities and school systems throughout Oklahoma.

Character Coin allows businesses to accomplish three things:

1.) To create and be actively involved in a positive dialogue within the community.

2.) Positively influence corporate culture.

3.) Build a positive brand identity for the business.

The Character Coin initiative founded by Melanie Hasty-Grant and Ken Grant of Owasso launched in October of 2007 and in the three months following has spread like wildfire.

“In our first sixty days of operation our website, there were visits from over 20 states. We even had a coin end up in China,” Melanie Hasty-Grant said.  “The greatest part of sponsoring Character Coin is reading the stories submitted to”

“The purpose of this challenge is to continue the dialogue created by the numerous volunteers involved in the ice storm clean up,” Hasty-Grant said.  “We saw so many extraordinary acts of kindness and we want to keep that momentum going.”