Refurbished hot tubs – what a deal!

Displaying now at the Tulsa Boat Sport and Travel Show, The Hot Tub Club sells new and refurbished hot tubs and equipment throughout Northeastern Okalahoma.  While many people just discard their old tubs when they buy a new one, Club Owner Chris Sedlacek said, “It seemed like such a waste.  Hot tub technology has been around for over twenty years – it is the same basic operation as a swimming pool so repair and reconditioning is usually possible.
“While some companies take trade-ins then sell the used tubs they were just get them running and sell them as is,” Sedlack said.  “The Hot Tub Club does a complete inspection and refurbishing.  If they need a new; cabinet, controls, motors, jets, pillows, equipment or any kind or structural repair – we can do it.  We are the only company in this market offering refurbished hot tubs with full service warranty.
“Now, more people can afford to buy a tub.  In shows we have both new and refurbished tubs and typically the refurbished tubs out sell the new units by three to one.  When you are looking at two tubs that look almost identical with one at half the price – everybody wants to save money.

“Sometimes a customer has a tub they want to keep so we bring it into the shop and refurbish the unit.  They get a fully functional refurbished tub at a fraction of the cost of a new one and all our work carries a two year warranty,” Sedlacek said.
“Most of our refurbished tubs are in the price range of $2,000 to $4,000 where the new tub market starts around $4,000 and goes all the way up to $20,000 for some of the larger tubs.
“Sometimes people have a tub and they just don’t want it any more, but they don’t want to take a big loss on it.  We will bring it into the shop and refurbish, then move it to the showroom for sale as a consignment.  There is a cost for pick-up, service work, advertising and administration, but clients usually get the amount they are looking to recover from their original purchase. 
“Our first show this year is the Tulsa Boat, Sport, and Travel Show now running through February 3 at Expo Square in the QuikTrip Center.  This is the first year in this show for us, but from years past with other dealers, we know it is a good show and we are excited to be here this year with so much product.  Our low price point offers tremendous value to customers.”
The Hot Tub Club began in 2002 refurbishing hot tubs out of a garage in Caney, Kansas and built the business over time with a storefront in Caney and from consumer shows in Tulsa, the largest metropolitan area closest to the store. 
Sedlacek said, “About a year ago the operation moved to Tulsa opening a showroom and manufacturing facility at 1520 South Memorial.  We carry both new and refurbished tubs from various manufactures.  The property sits on 2 ½ acres and the showroom and shop building is approximately 4,000 square feet.  We have plenty of room to expand and have over 100 tubs on the property right now.”
“We also carry chemicals, filters, covers, and other accessories for hot tubs.  When we sell a refurbished tub, we send out a new cover with it so we also sell used hot tub covers which is good for people looking to replace a cover at a lower-than-new price point.
“If people have an inside hot tub or even an outside location covered by a gazebo then they can use and we sell hot tub blankets – a stout plastic “bubble wrap” style sheet that sits directly on the water.  Some people also find blankets helpful to maintain temperature and reduce evaporation in addition to a hard cover.  In the summer some people use blankets instead of the hard covers because they are easier to get on and off the tub, Sadlacek said.
Most of The Hot Tub Club’s eight full and part-time employees have worked with the products for many years.  Sedlacek worked in sales for another Tulsa dealer for nine years then began to develop a service business from the 1,500 customer base he developed.  He said, “Like car dealers where there are twice as many used dealers as new car dealers, we believe there is a huge market for pre-owned hot tubs refurbished and with warranties and The Hot Tub Club is the only company in the Tulsa market.”
“We are also looking forward to the upcoming Women’s Show.  This is the first year with any company that I will display at that show which begins February 8th and runs through the 10th – the very next weekend from the Boat and Travel Show.
“If you are looking for a great deal on a hot tub, come see us,” Sedlacek said.

For more information visit The Hot Tub Club at the shows noted above or at their Tulsa location, 1520 South Memorial Drive or call (918) 622-5100.