Gov vetos accountability and innovation

State Capitol, Oklahoma City – A lot of good ol’ boys at the State Capitol oppose the Senate Republicans’ efforts to make state government more open, more efficient, more accountable, and more innovative.

Gov. Brad Henry is apparently one of them.

Today Henry vetoed Senate Bill 1865, by Co-President Pro Tem Glenn Coffee, that would have created an Office of Accountability and Innovation at the Legislative Service Bureau.

The office was to conduct regular performance audits of agencies, recommend best practices to improve efficiency in government, review tax policy, and suggest new innovations to make government more accountable and effective for taxpayers.

“Gov. Henry’s veto is a big victory for the good ol’ boys don’t want us to succeed in making state government more open, more accountable, more efficient, and more innovative,” stated Coffee, R-Oklahoma City.

“There are a lot of people who would prefer that the Legislature didn’t try to weed out political corruption or ask questions about why taxpayer dollars are spent on projects such as McAlester dog food plants. These people are very happy that Gov. Henry vetoed this bill,” Coffee said.
“Our proposal for a new Office of Accountability and Innovation is similar in concept to the U.S. Congress’s Government Accountability Office. This bill represented an effort to make government better, so I am shocked and disappointed the governor said no to SB 1865.

“Gov. Henry’s veto is not the end of this story, though, because Senate Republicans will be back again next year fighting to change state government for the better by making it more efficient and more accountable to the people of Oklahoma,” he said.