Attention campaign managers

Tulsa Today is welcoming submissions by candidates for bylined articles between 800 and 1500 words.  Starting today, we are increasing our volume of news and political opinion published through the current election cycle.  Our 100,000 unique readers viewing over 300,000 pages per month can be ignored, but they talk by e-mail, phone, and direct conversation with us and they are highly likely to vote.

Traditional media has lost Tulsa Today readers.  Our people are busy – primarily small business owners, public policy wonks, entrepreneurs, media hacks and other folk smarter than network television or the target average to which newspapers write.  Tulsa Today readers are the productive people government rapes to fund the lazy, stupid, and generally unproductive.

These and others awake in 2008 don’t object to charity; they are infuriated over government fraud and mismanagement exemplified by Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.  They are tired of earmarks, self-serving officials “going for the gold” and government overspending in general.  They expect a stable honest banking system, but no private bank or business is so big that, as some elected fools claim, “it can not be allowed to fail.”  Some will fail.  Others will find profit in their pieces and business continues.  That is part of freedom and, without it, no one can win.  Unfortunately, in the current panicked lemming election cycle, government has been stampeded towards socialism.  The blowback November 4 will be significant.

Both liberals and conservatives are angry about the “bailout” and this is a sea change polls and pundits have not yet found in full extent, but we are going to be talking about it on Tulsa Today.  Republicans and Democrats are both to blame and so we will.

Candidates submitting an article for publication should focus on the following:
     Define the current state of the level of government in which you seek to serve
     State the goals in priority that you will work to accomplish during your term
     Describe what obstacles must be overcome for success
     State the primary standard by which voters may judge your service

Traditional media has failed dramatically this election cycle in part because they refuse to admit a socialist bias and people are angry about it.  Tulsa Today has often noted our conservative patriot bias.  We are proud of it.  We are not restricted by the tyranny of political correctness.  We talk about politics, race, and religion here often damming the disingenuous along the way.

Tulsa Today will provide links to the candidate’s campaign web site.  All political parties are welcome, but glittering generalities, vacuous verbiage, and destructive dialogue would be counterproductive as it will be ridiculed in later commentary on this site.  In other words, talk specifics of your campaign’s effort, standard of service and mission in office and we will listen seriously.  Tulsa Today will also hold you to your words from this election cycle during the next election cycle.

Now, let’s talk.